#FightingBack10 – Fundraising events! Two big days!

Hi everybody, it’s been a while.

We hope that everybody is staying safe and healthy. These are strange times, and we miss all of you.

We have no idea when we’ll be able to gather again in person for events. Between current government restrictions and our own sense of responsibility for the health and well-being of our talent, staff, and fans – it’s hard to say when we will be able to run shows again. Hopefully sooner than later, but we don’t know.

Every August since 2011, we have held our annual Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer events, in memory of Phrank Morin. Since 2011, we have raised over $270 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Between our efforts and our amazing friends at New Legacy Inc, we have managed to top ourselves year after year.

This year, for obvious reasons, we cannot run a show. We had held out hope we might be able to -however, it seems impossible to run.

So, where does this leave us and what would have been the tenth annual Fighting Back event?

Thanks to New Legacy Inc and IWTV.Live, we will be celebrating Fighting Back 10 in different ways, and hopefully still raising a ton of money for the Cancer Society.

First up, this Saturday, August 15, 2020, our amazing partners at New Legacy Inc, will once again be hosting their annual Fighting Back Stream. Thanks to help from Evil Uno, this will be the most exciting Fighting Back Stream yet… as we’ve heard some of Uno’s friends might be stopping by! Stay tuned for details.

These streams are always an awesome and entertaining time, and this year will be no different. Tune in and donate on Saturday!

Two weeks later, on Saturday August 29th, 2020 – our partners at IndependentWrestling.TV will be hosting an all day Fighting Back Marathon! Tune in and watch a bunch of action featuring all your favourites from Fighting Back’s of the past! This show will feature the very best events from Fighting Back’s history.

We will be announcing a fundraising component to this marathon in the coming days. But rest assured, tune in and you’ll be supporting the cause by doing that alone!

Stay tuned for more details folks! Thank you for helping us celebrating 10 years of Fighting Back!

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