C*4 January 2020 Results – #C4Snowpiercer and #C4Underground5!

C*4 “Snowpiercer” Official Results
Friday January 17th, 2020
Attendance:  Sold Out – 700+

  1. C*4 Underground Champion, “Unkillable” Kevin Blackwood pinned Jonathan Rukin, in an intense contest.
  2. Bear County (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) defeated Space Pirates (Space Monkey & Shane Sabre).
  3. In what has to be considered an upset of sorts, Lufisto pinned the returning 2 Cold Scorpio.

    Following the match Scorpio shook Lufisto’s hand and praised her in her victory.

  4. In a bonkers Eight Person Tag Team Match, Sexxxy Eddy, Puf, Alexia Nicole, and “Scrapper” James Stone beat the team of “Remix” Kevin Bennett, Fight or Flight (Vertigo & Fuerza) and the debuting “Pretty” Ricky.
  • In an outstanding contest, that many have called the match of the night, “Speedball” Mike Bailey narrowly defeated Aiden Prince.
  • “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst won a three-way match against Stu Grayson and Brian Pillman Jr, when Durst pinned Pillman.
  • C*4 Tag Team Champions, Tabarnak De Team (Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois) beat the debuting Main State Posse, Aiden Aggro and DangerKid). 

    Despite the loss, MSP won the respect of their opponents.
  • In a violent and hard hitting contest, “Red Death” Daniel Garcia retained his C*4 Championship, in his first defence, as he forced Evil Uno to submit a chair-assisted sharpshooter.

C*4 “Underground Vol. 5” Official Results
Friday January 31, 2020
Attendance:  Sold Out – 300+

  1. Vaughn Vertigo won a four-corner match against Evan Adams, “MVP” Michael Von Payton, and Thomas Leduc.
  2. Cecil Nyx beat Alexander Kable.
  3. The debuting Locked and Loaded (Mark Wheeler and “Clutch” Jessie V) ran through Double Dragons (Pat and Eddy).
  4. In a violent brawl, the debuting Joshua Bishop overcame Holden Albright.
  5. The planned Sexxxy Eddy and Puf “Sexxxy Dance Party” was interrupted by Pretty Ricky and “Hotstepper” Macrea Martin, and turned into a tag team match.  

    Puf and Eddy continued their winning ways, despite the unorthodox challenge that presented itself.

  6. In a match that lived up to expectations, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander defeated the young Junior Benito.   Despite his inexperience Benito managed to hang with the well-travelled veteran, Alexander.
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  • The
    Punk Rock Pussycats (Allie Kat & Jody
    scored a huge
    win, beating the debuting combination of Bird
    Law (“Speedball” Mike Bailey & Veda

  • In a true clash of styles in every way
    possible, Danhausen defeated “Remix”
    Kevin Bennett
    in their first encounter.   Headed into the match, there had been an online
    war of words between the two.  It seems
    as though things are settled for now.

  • In an outstanding war of a tag team match,
    C*4 Champion, “Red Death” Daniel Garcia,
    and C*4 Underground Champion,
    “Unkillable” Kevin Blackwood
    , narrowly defeated the debuting Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku).

    Despite the loss, Violence is Forever made a memorable debut, going toe to
    toe with the Buffalo Brothers.

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