#C4Undisputed Official Results

C*4  “Undisputed”
Official Results  – Friday September 20,

  1. “Scrapper” James Stone defeated the debuting Junior Benito, in a fast-paced and exciting contest.  The young Benito certainly made a strong impression on the C*4 fanbase.
  2. In an entertaining six man tag team match, #TheBest (Logan Reid and Spunk) joined by the debuting Billy Brash scored an upset win over the returning Sexxxy Eddy and debuting Gym Nasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike).  

    After the match, Sexxxy Eddy gave a heartfelt speech apologizing to the Gym Nasty Boys for the loss, and telling C*4 fans he had hoped his return would have ended up differently. He went on to discuss the fact that he doesn’t know if he still has much left in his tank, and if he has a place in today’s C*4.

  3. In a brawl, C*4 Underground Champion, Jonathan Rukin retained his title against Shane Simmons.
  4. Making their return as a team in C*4 for the first time in several years, The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) defeated Kevin Blackwood and Kevin Bennett.

    Despite Blackwood and Bennett, giving it their all, the much more experienced Dark Order used their knowledge and assistance from The Creepers, to defeat the Buffalo Brothers.

  5. In an outstanding battle, “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander retained the C*4 Championship against “The Wounded Owl” Lufisto.  

    Lufisto went move for move, and toe-to-toe with Alexander, but in the end, the Champion continued his winning ways.

    Josh Alexander seems unstoppable in his current Championship reign!

  6. “The Beast King” FTM defeated Holden Albright (substituting for “MVP” Michael Von Payton).
  7. In a bonkers four-corner match that lived up to the hype around it, The Blade scored a victory over Kevin Blanchard, Blake Christian and Alex Zayne.
  8. In ab absolutely bonkers and wild match, Kobe Durst and Matt Angel retained the C*4 Tag Team Championships against EYFBO (Santana and Ortiz) and TDT (Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois).

    The match went around the entire building and saw the use of doors, tables, chairs and more.   And despite the fan support clearly being behind St. Jacques and Dubois, their opportunity came to an end when Santana was paid after being powerbomed through a door by Angel and Durst.

    Following the match, EYFBO (the former LAX) took a few minutes to thank C*4 and its fans for being their first international regular booking, and stressed the importance of the promotion to their careers.  They then called out both TDT as well as Angel and Durst and thanked both teams for the match, and praised them in their abilities.  

    We urge all of you to check out this show later this week when it is available at IndependentWrestling.TV!

C*4 would like to thank all 500+ fans who came out on Friday night to help us kick off our new season of action.  We look forward to all the action this new season will bring!

Up next, on Friday October 11th, 2019 we team up with Beyond the Pale Brewing Company to present the return of #C4Underground!  The event, which will feature a bunch of new faces debuting, as well as the first (hopefully annual) T.A.G (Terry Ann Gibson) Memorial Tournament!
Tickets are available NOW at:

And then on November 29th, 2019, we present our 12th Anniversary celebration at #C4CombatShock!    This event will be STACKED!  Advance tickets are on sale NOW VERTIGO RECORDS (193 Rideau Street, Ottawa), Otherside Tattoo (561 Gladstone Ave), The ODDs & SODs Shoppe (1527 Merivale Road), and St. Anthony’s Hall.

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