C*4 “Crossing the Line 12: Set It Off” Official Results

June 21, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario
St. Anthony’s Hall

  1. In a violent brawl, “Scrapper” James Stone forced “All Ego” Ethan Page to declare his respect for him in a “Respect Match”.  The end came when Stone handcuffed Page to the corner, kicked him in the groin twice, and threatened to hit him with a shovel.
  2. Jonathan Rukin retained the C*4 Underground Championship in a three-way contest, against the returning Jordan Oliver and a debuting Danhausan.  

    Danhausan made a memorable impression on the audience in his debut, it seems sure that he will be back in C*4.

  3. “The Alien” Kris Statlander defeated Veda Scott in an exciting contest.
  4. “The Curse” Cecil Nyx and his surprise partners, PUF and Lufisto defeated Tyson Dux, Chris Dickinson and “The Beast King” FTM, in an entertaining battle.  During the course of the battle, Dickinson and FTM came to blows, allowing Cecil and his team to capitalize.
  5. In an outstanding battle, “Red Death” Daniel Garcia returned to C*4 following a near career-ending car accident in January, to face off with Stu Grayson.

    Garcia went move for move with the former C*4 Champion, and only fell in defeat after Evil Uno and his minions distracted Garcia.

    Following the match, Uno and Stu Grayson confirmed everybody’s suspicions in C*4, and pledged their allegiance to one another as The Dark Order.  The pair then assaulted Garcia and slammed him through a table.

  6. In an absolutely wild battle, the unexpected tandem of “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst and Matt Angel defeated The Space Pirates, Space Monkey and Shane Sabre, and TDT, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois, to win the C*4 Tag Team Championships.

    Durst now becomes the first wrestler in C*4’s history to be a Triple Crown Champion, having previously held the C*4 Championship and C*4 Underground Championship.

  7. In a very hard-hitting encounter, “The Blade” Pepper Parks beat the returning Wheeler Yuta.  The Blade once again brought his smash mouth style

    Prior to the Main event, “MVP” Michael Von Payton next came to the ring, and declared that Sheldon Jean once again refused to appear to face him like a man.

    Before leaving to head back to the locker room, Sheldon sneak attacked Von Payton with a chair, and assaulted him viciously. 

  8. In an outstanding 30+ minute contest, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander retained this C*4 Championship in a six-way elimination match, last eliminating “Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss.

    The order of the elimination saw Marko Estrada out first, being pinned by Josh Briggs.

    Evil Uno was eliminated by Josh Alexander, after Daniel Garcia stormed the ring and delivered a huge John Woo Dropkick to Uno, sending him through a table.

    Josh Briggs was eliminated by “Speedball” Mike Bailey, allowing Bailey to get a measure of revenge against Briggs for his loss a month prior.

    In a shocking upset, Sonny Kiss managed to pin Bailey next.

    Despite giving it his all, Sonny Kiss would eventually fall to Josh Alexander, and be pinned by the Champion.

C*4 wishes to thank everybody for an incredible season.  Thousands of fans passed through the doors of St. Anthony’s Hall over the last 10 month – and we want to thank all of you.

C*4 kicks off Season 13 on Friday, September 20th, 2019.

Our attention turns next to Fighting Back9: Wrestling with Cancer.  We are pleased to be welcoming All Elite Wrestling’s Cody to the event!  Card and ticket details coming soon!

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