C*4 “Crossing the Line 11: Point Break” results

St. Anthony’s Hall
Ottawa, Ontario

Referees: Serge St. Denis, Alex Hetfield, Matthew Grant
Commentary: Adam B. and Dr. Bobby

1 .   In a Six Man Tag Team match, Space Monkey  and A Couple of Dicks (Cecil Nyx & Dick Justice) defeated Brute Van Slyke and High n’ Mighty (Jonathan Rukin and Velvet Jones).

Space Monkey, Cecil Nyx, and Dick Justice all managed to pin their much larger rival, Brute Van Slyke.  The fall happened after a miscommunication between Velvet and Brute.

Following the match, Van Slyke laid out Velvet, as Rukin simply watched on, without jumping in.

2 .   After an  incredible hard-hitting match-up between two veterans, Tyson Dux forced the returning Pepper Parksto submit, and score the victory.  An absolute clinic between two outstanding talents.

3 .   In a fast-paced, and exciting scramble, Benjamin Tull retained his C*4 Underground Championship against the challenges of Kevin Blackwood, Daniel Garcia, “Bad Girl” Penelope Ford, Jody Threat, and KTB.

4 .   An absolute shocker of an upset saw The Fraternity, Channing Decker and Trent Gibson, defeated TDT, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois.   The Fraternity continue their winning ways, defeating another very accomplished tag team in C*4.

St. Jacques and Dubois made it clear to management that they want another match down the road with Decker and Gibson.

5 .   In an intense grudge match, Stu Grayson pinned his brother, Evil Uno, putting to their end their year long rivalry.

6 .   Sheldon Jean and “MVP” Michael Von Payton defeated Brent Banks and Mark Wheeler.  Jean and MVP managed to work together and walk out with the surprising win.

7 .   Vanessa Kraven beat “The Beast King” FTM in a vicious grudge match.

8 .   Fight or Flight (Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza) held on to their C*4 Tag Team Championships against Heavy Metal Chaos (James Stone and Alextreme) in a Tornado Tag Team Match.   Following the match, HMC shook the hands of their rivals, and congratulated them on the win.

9 .
    In a match that was everything people expected and more, “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst shocked everybody by successfully retaining the C*4 Championship against the debuting “PCO”, Pierre Carl Ouellette, as well as Teddy Hart and “Bad Boy” Joey Janela in a four-corner match.

The match was everything that was expected it would be, including broken bodies, broken doors, and broken chairs.  All four men gave it their all in an attempt to win the match, and claim the Championship.  In the end, Durst managed to get off a lucky Kobe-Breaker, and pin the former WWE World Tag Team Champion, PCO.


Thank you to everybody who came out to celebrate the end of the season, and watched this electrifying show!

C*4 kicks off Season 12 on September 14th!  Stay tuned this summer for details!

Meanwhile on August 24th, we once again host “Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer”, our annual event in memory of Phrank Morin, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

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