Fighting Back 3: Wrestling with Cancer
Official Results
Friday, August 16th, 2013
Vanier Columbus Club, Ottawa, Ontari
Attendance: Standing Room Only, 300+
Announcer(s):  The Voice & Moohammed the Terrorist Cow
Commentators:  Mike Rotch, Adam B, Shanna Banana, Moohammed

1)  Fighting Back Invitational Round #1:  Jae Rukin & “Superstar” Shayne Hawke defeated the oddball pairings of Sexxxy Eddy & Jodi D’Milo, and Chaz Lovely & Craigslist Homo – as well as the not-so-odd pairing of Deeno & Cheeky, The Incredible Hunks.

2)  Fighting Back Invitational Round #1:  Mathieu St. Jacques & “Dirty” Buxx Belmar overcame the tandems of Cecil Nyx & El Hijo Del Bamboo, Vanessa Kraven & Jeff Fury, and the Angie Skye & Gregory Iron.

3)  InterSpecies Wrestling Showcase:  Pinkie Sanchez defeated Addy Starr to win the ISW King of Crazy Championship.

4) Beef Wellington pinned Twiggy in a wild plunder-filled match.  This was Twiggy’s first match against a man in Ottawa, in almost 2 years.

5)“M-Dogg20” Matt Cross defeated “MVP” Michael Von Payton, in a near show stealing , competitive classic.

6)  InterSpecies Wrestling Showcase:  The Food Fighters (Bastian Snow & Pasquele) were awarded the match against the returning Badd Brothers (Brad & Chad), via DQ.

7)  Fighting Back Invitational Finals:  “Dirty” Buxx Belmar defeated Mathieu St. Jacques, Jae Rukin, & “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, in a thrilling four-corner finale, to be crowned the 2013 FBI Champion.

8 )  Tag Team Dream Match:   “The Intrepid Time Traveller” Paul London & C*4 Champion, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, narrowly defeated The Super Smash Brothers, Player Uno & Stu Grayson, in a thrilling match-up.

We would like to thank every single one of the fans and supporters of this year’s FIGHTING BACK event.  Due to your support, we were able to present one of the best nights of professional wrestling the city of Ottawa has ever seen.   More importantly, thanks to all of you – $11 777 was raised for the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Phrank Morin.

Thanks to that outstanding total raised, Fighting Back has now raised over $35 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Thank you all so much, from all of us who put work into this event – to any fan who supported it.  We can’t wait for next summer, and continue building on what all of us as a community have started!

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