Super Smash Brothers face to face!

We have a massive last minute announcement for this Saturday night’s “RISE ABOVE” event – and an unexpected one at that.

Within the several hours, C*4 management was contacted by Player Uno stating that he would be present on Saturday night.   Furthermore, he has told us that he wants an opportunity to stand across the ring from a man who has done everything to make his life in C*4 a living hell over the last year and a half.

Player Uno wants his chance to speak face to face with Stu Gryason.

Grayson, the former leader of the faction known as The Authority, held a strangle hold on C*4 for over a year.  In the process, Grayson turned his back on his brother, Player Uno.

At the conclusion of “FIVE”, Grayson was betrayed and attacked by his former stable mates, only to be saved by his former partner.   As his attackers  backed-away, Grayson looked up to Player Uno with an open hand… However, Uno didn’t take it.

What will happen on Saturday when Player Uno and his former partner, Stu Gryason stand-off, face to face?!

Face to Face
Player Uno confronts Stu Grayson!


Saturday, January 19th, 2013
C*4: Capital City Championship Combat
Knights of Columbus Hall
260 McArthur Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

VIP Tickets $20 – Doors at 7PM
(Includes First Choice Seating and a bonus match!)
Advance Tickets available NOW at the venue

General Admission Tickets $15 – Doors at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm

Event is all ages – Alcohol sales with valid ID.

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Main Event
One Fall to a Finish
C*4 Champion

“Ronin” Josh Alexander
“Aerial Assassin” Christopher Bishop
Lionel Knight

Semi-Main Event
Grudge Match

(If Bailey wins, he takes O’Shea’s Championship opportunity
If O’Shea wins, he cannot be forced to face Bailey again this season)

“Speedball” Mike Bailey
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea

First Time Ever!
Singles Showdown

Franky the Mobster
“Dirty” Buxx Belmar

Tornado Tag Team Match
C*4 Tag Team Champions

(Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois)
The Afterparty
(Cecil Nyx & Chaz Lovely)

Singles Showdown
“Iron Lion” Sebastian Suave
Chris Dickinson

World Inter-Gender Champion
Vanessa Kraven

Special Challenge
“MVP” Michael Von Payton
“All Ego” Ethan Page

Six Man Tag Team Match
3. O
(Shane Matthews & “Jagged” Scott Parker)
“Superstar” Shayne Hawke
Brent Banks, Jae Rukin & “Rocksteady” Alex Vega

Face to Face
Player Uno confronts Stu Grayson!

This Saturday night!

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