“FIVE” – Official Results

C*4 presents “FIVE”
Saturday November 24th, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B. & Rahim Ali
Attendance: 340+, standing room only
Referees: Bakais & Serge St. Denis

Dark Match
•   “Sexy” Leon Saver pinned John Greed

Main Show
1 )    “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea once again pinned “Speedball” Mike Bailey, to win a Sudden Death Six-Man Scramble.  Also in the match were “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, Buxx Belmar, Alex Vega and Sebastian Suave.  The finish saw O’Shea taking advantage of the chaos of the six way match, as he nailed Bailey in the face with a keyboard, behind referee Bakais back.

As a result, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea will be granted a future C*4 Championship opportunity.

2 )    In high-impact tag team action, Jae Rukin & Brent Banks defeated The Incredible Hunks, Deeno & Cheeky.

3 )   In a brutal and bloody contest, “Textbook” Tyson Dux forced Jagger Miles to submit.   Dux, covered in Jagger’s blood, celebrated his victory, and told C*4 officials in the back, that Miles was just an example of what he can, and will do to the roster if he isn’t given the “respect” he deserves.

4 ) In a shocking upset to many, Checkmate, Christopher Bishop and Lionel Knight overcame Player Uno and “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen.  Although Steen and Uno have a tremendous amount of tag team experiences on their own respectively, Lionel and Bishop’s years of teaming together helped give them the edge that was needed.

The match could have gone either way, but in the end it was Checkmate’s never-say-die attitude which won them the match.  No doubt, Checkmate has Championship aspirations on their minds.

5 )   “MVP” Michael Von Payton pinned the returning “New Wave” Cheech Hernandez, in a physical and exciting contest.

6 )   In a very exciting and entertaining match, Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois became the new C*4 Tag Team Champions, defeating The Afterpary (of Doom), Cecil “Animal” Nyx and Chaz “Hawk” Lovely.

Cecil and Chaz gave Dubois and St. Jacques everything that had, but in the end, the raw roughneck brute strength of Mathieu & Thomas was just too much for The Afterparty.

7 )    World Inter-Gender Champion, Twiggy, continued his winning ways, defeating Angie Skye, in a rematch of their May Montreal encounter.

It should be noted that Skye took the fight to Twiggy harder than almost and challengers before, and looked to have Twiggy beaten on several occasions.

Before and after the match, Twiggy once again mocked and insulted Vanessa Kraven, who was banned from the venue.  Twiggy relished in the fact that Kraven was not allowed in the venue, and is currently barred from C*4.

8 )   In an incredible contest, and no doubt a front-runner for 2012 MOTY, C*4 Champion, “Ronin” Josh Alexander pinned “The Emperor” Stu Grayson.

Prior to the match, Grayson told Authority members, Sebastian Suave, Dubois & St. Jacques that they were not needed for that match, and setting an example for them Stu would win back “his” Championship.

The match saw both men give it everything they had, and take the “one fall to a finish”, no DQ rules, to heart as they used several weapons during the match.

Grayson appeared to have Alexander beaten, and vice-versa, several times.

The finish finally came when Alexander managed to deliver an elevated double-underhook piledriver off of two chairs, onto the canvas.

After the match The Authority stormed the ring, and helped Grayson back to his feet, as Alexander left the ring – only for Suave, St. Jaques and Dubois to attack their (seemingly former) leader.

The assault led to first Alexander running to the ring to fight off the trio of attackers, but then also Player Uno.

After clearing the ring of the attackers, Stu looked up thankfully to his brother, Player Uno.

Suave, St. Jacques and Dubois stood back, as they saw C*4 Champion, “Ronin” Josh Alexander, and the perhaps reunited Player Uno and former Player Dos, standing tall together, as fans chanted “SSB” loudly.

C*4 wants to thank their fans for the amazing record breaking crowd, and for their loyal support for the last five years.We all look forward to January 19th, 2013, when we continue our exciting sixth season, as we present “RISE ABOVE”.

Have a great holiday season – and see you all in the New Year!

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