C*4 “A Better Tomorrow” – Official Results

C*4 presents “A BETTER TOMORROW”
Friday, Sept. 14th, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus Hall

Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Michael Rotch, Twiggy, &  Shayne Hawke
Attendance: 200+
Referees: Bakais & Serge St. Denis

–   Lucky Sabiti & Stew Korvis defeated “The Streak” Patrick Boucher & “Sexy” Leon Saver

–   Abe “Action” Jackson pinned John Greed.

Main Show
1)   A returning “Superstar” Shayne Hawke pinned an also returning Johnny Wave.

2)   In a wild and exciting NSPW showcase match, the tandem of Razen and Ivan Sullivan (Kicken N’ Stompin) defeated Michael Style & Marko Estrada.

3)   Mathieu St. Jacques defeated Sexxxy Eddy in strong fashion.

4)   In an upset, The Afterparty (Chaz Lovely & Cecil Nyx) managed to score the win, in a chaotic tag team scramble, and walk away with C*4 Tag Team Championship (which they promptly accidentally broke.)  The Afterparty defeated Lionel Knight (defending for himself, and injured partner Christopher Bishop), Jae Rukin & Brent B, and The Incredible Hunks.

5)   “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea shocked the crowd, when he shattered a keyboard over “Speedball” Mike Bailey’s face, allowing him to make the pin.

A very competitive contest saw both men play fair, until O’Shea took advantage of his keyboard (which interestingly enough was brought into the ring by Bailey, who decided against using it.).

O’Shea was silent when questioned by matchmakers, regarding his actions, except to say “it’s wrestling… people get hurt.”

6)   Prior to the next match, “Inter-Gender World Champion”, Twiggy, revealed that he had taken out a restraining order against Vanessa Kraven.

Twiggy may have thought he had the solution to take care of VK, however he underestimated his opponent in Xandra Bale.   Bale used her quickness and skill to come in inches of defeating Twiggy.  Twiggy however retained when he used the ropes for leverage and pinned Bale.

After the match he attacked Bale from behind, to prove his “dominance”.  However, Vanessa Kraven made the save, and attempted to attack Twiggy.  This lead to security charging the ring, and escorting Kraven out of the building.

7)   In their first ever singes encounter, “MVP” Michael Von Payton pinned Franky the Mobster, following a low-blow.

Von Payton and FTM gave each other their all, and the crowd was very split in their support (and very vocal).  With both men being such veterans of the sport, it was a true chess match, until Von Payton used his underhanded tactics to steal a win.

8 )   In the main event of the evening, and possibly match of the night, C*4 Champion, “Ronin” Josh Alexander pinned Jagger Miles, and in the process also defeated “Rocksteady” Alex Vega, and “Dirty” Buxx Belmar.

All three challengers gave it their all in an attempt to win the championship, while Alexander did whatever it took to retain the title.   Vega, Buxx, Jagger and Josh silenced all critics who questioned their spots in the main event – and did indeed to steal the show.

C*4 returns to Ottawa for “FIVE” – our fifth anniversary event, on Saturday November 24th, 2012!  News and details will be coming shortly.

C*4 returns to Montreal on Saturday Sept. 29th, 2012, for “Full Contact” – Main Event news coming this week!

Stay tuned right here for all the news and updates coming soon!

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