C*4 Stand Alone 2012 Official Results

C*4 presents “Stand Alone 2012
May 11, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B.
Attendance: 225+
Referees: Bakais, Serge St. Denies & TJ Wylie

•    Rush defeated Pat Skillz & Jeff Fury
•   Abe “Action” Jackson defeated Billy Gibson

1 –    In a breakout performance by both men, Jagger Miles narrowly overcame Alex Vega.

2 –    3.0 defeated The ‘Dudleyville’ Afterparty in an entertaining tag team match.  3.0    however only managed to score the win after various underhanded tactics, including the use of a chain.

3 –    “MVP” Michael Von Payton scored the win against “Psycho” Mike Rollins and “Dirty” Buxx Belmar in a wild triple threat match.

4 –    “Textbook” Tyson Dux pinned Sexxxy Eddy after a vicious snap brain buster, in a very hard hitting contest.

5 –    In an INSANE match that has to be seen to be believed, Checkmate retained there Tag Team Championship against the challenge of Brent B. & Jae Rukin, and “Speedball” Mike Bailey & “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea.  All three teams gave it their all and threw everything they could at each other.  See this match!

6–    Twiggy defeated Portia Perez to retain his “World Inter-gender Wrestling” championship, after using a pipe, which had been hidden in a bouquet of flowers, to knock out Perez.

After the win, Twiggy declared that there were no women in C*4 who could defeat him and taunted the crowd.

Vanessa Kraven shocked fans in attendance, by walking out of the crowd and attacking Twiggy.  Kraven attempted to powerbomb Twiggy, before he escaped and ran to the locker room with his title.

7 –     In an intense grudge match, “Ronin” Josh Alexander pinned Sebastian Suave.   Alexander and Suave laid into each other from the opening bell – and continued until the final bell.  After the match, Alexander attempted to piledrive Seleyzia Sparx, who had interfered several times on Suave’s behalf.

Before he could deliver the move, C*4 Champion, Stu Grayson hit the ring, and along with Suave, attacked Josh.  Both men beat down Josh – before laughing their way back to the locker room.

An exhausted Alexander grabbed the mic, and told Grayson that he had signed the “Open Contract” for a Championship match – and demanded he get back to the ring.

8 –    “The Emperor” Stu Grayson retained his C*4 Championship, by overcoming an already tired and assaulted “Ronin” Josh Alexander.   With the fans firmly behind him, Alexander gave Grayson everything he had, and several times, it appeared had him beaten.

In the end, after several cheap shots, including a superkick to the groin, Grayson pinned Alexander.

After the match Suave and Grayson assaulted Alexander, until Mike Bailey and Scotty O’Shea made the save, fighting off The Authority members.

As Grayson and Suave left the ring, they left the C*4 Championship behind, prompting Alexander to pick it up, and tell Grayson to come back and get it.

Grayson cautiously came back to the ring and grabbed it, taunting Bailey, O’Shea, and Alexander as he did it, declaring he beat them all.  In response, Bailey kicked Grayson in the head, followed by O’Shea delivering his ctrl+alt+delete splash, followed by a standing slash by Bailey – and then a massive double-underhook  piledriver by Alexander.  As Suave pulled the beaten and assaulted Grayson from from the ring, Alexander declared that there was no way Grayson was keeping the title past the end of the season.

C*4 returns to Ottawa for our huge Season 5 finale on Saturday June 16th. Major announcements coming soon!
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