C*4 Triumph 2012 official results!

C*4 presents “Triumph 2012”
Saturday April 20, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B.
Attendance: 275+
Referees: Sonic, Ben, Serge St. Denies & TJ Wylie,

•   Jagger Miles pinned Pat Skills
•   Abe “Action” Jackson defeated S.O.B

Main Show
1 –     Checkmate, Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop, retained the C*4 Tag Team Championship, and ended the “Streak” of The Afterparty, in a very entertaining contest.   Knight and Bishop’s years of tag team expertise to overcome the very hungry Cecil Nyx and Chaze Lovely.

2 –   “Textbook” Tyson Dux pinned “Psycho” Mike Rollins in a very physical affair, and made his successful return to Ottawa.

3 –     The debuting Buxx Belmar won over the crowd, and scored an impressive win against Shane Matthews.

4 –    While making a farewell speech to the C*4 audience, Beef Wellington was interrupted by former C*4 regular, “Superstar” Shayne Hawke.  Hawke told C*4 fans that he was in the first ever C*4 match, and belonged back in the promotion, and that he was offended such a big deal was being made for a leaving superstar, and not the return of THE Superstar.  This lead to a match between the two, which saw Beef Wellington scoring the win over Hawke, with an Ass-punch followed by an E-Coli Driver.

5-   In a showdown between two of the biggest men on the roster, Frankie the Mobster narrowly overcame the 7-foot Darkko.  Both men gave it everything they had, but Frankie managed to not so much “win”, but survive the encounter.

Following the match, Frankie took the microphone and told C*4 fans he had one goal in his immediate future, and behind his return to C*4.  That goal being, to become C*4 Champion, and went on to challenge “The Emperor” Stu Grayson on Saturday May 12th.

6 –     In a very emotional and hard hitting contest, “MVP” Michael Von Payton defeated “The Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali, and as a result, Ali must retire from professional wrestling.

The match saw MVP repeatedly target Ali’s lower back, including hitting an insane top-rope powerbomb.  Ali managed to fight back, but fell in the end to a pair of superkicks, and a giant swinging “mindbender”.

Following the match the former teacher and student embraced, as MVP left the ring to allow Ali a final moment in the spotlight.

7 –    Twiggy narrowly retained his World Inter-Gender Championship, defeating Jodi D’Milo, via figure four leg-lock.   Prior to the match, Twiggy proudly proclaimed himself a “proud woman beater”, and continued his bizarre behaviour throughout the match.

Following the match, Twiggy told C*4 management that he extends an open challenge again for May 12th, to any opponent who they can take his championship away from him.

8 –     In an insanity filled 6-Man Tag Team Match, The Authority (Sebastian Suave, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois), overcame the challenge of “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea, Brent B. & Jae Rukin.   Throughout the contest, Authority members and manager Seleziya Sparx managed to bend every rule they could in order to keep an upper hand on their opponents.   In the end, despite the fact it appeared O’Shea had things in hand for his team, a low-blow followed by an inverted cobra-clutch from Suave, saw The Authority claim victory.

9 –    In the Main Event, “Speedball” Mike Bailey shocked the crowd, and himself, as he managed to overcome the much larger, and experienced, Eddie Kingston.   The Match saw both men give it everything they had, and then some.

Kingston looked to have Bailey beaten, as he went for his patented back-fist, only to be caught by Bailey in a triangle choke-hold.  Kingston attempted to escape, using his power-advantage, and delivering modified powerbomd to Bailey.  However, “Speedball” hung on.

The official checked with Kingston, and seeing no response, called for the bell, declaring Bailey the winner.

The crowd jump to their feet, and slapped the apron in support of both men – and celebrated Bailey’s biggest win to date.

C*4 returns to Ottawa on Saturday May 12th – already announced – C*4 Champion, “The Emperor” Stu Grayson vs. Frankie the Mobster
Don’t miss out!

C*4 also returns to Montreal, Saturday May 19th, featuring the C*4 debut of former ECW World Champion, Steve Corino!

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