C*4 Violent Intentions 2012 – Full results from Montreal!

C*4 presents “Violent Intentions”
Saturday Feb. 25th, 2012
Montreal, Quebec
Centre CRW

Announcer:  The Voice
Commentary: Adam B. & Lex Lerman
Attendance: 75
Referees: Bakais, TJ Wylie, Ben

•   Razan pinned Ryan Rogan

Main Show
1 –     Jae Rukin pinned Michael Von Payton in a competitive match.  The end saw Rahim Ali emerge from the locker room, shouting at MVP, causing him to be distracted.  Rukin took the opening, and managed to score the win.

2 –   Twiggy was victorious over Addy Starr via DQ, when she ignored the referee’s 5-count in the ropes.  Addy lost her ‘cool’ following an ass-slap by Twiggy.  Despite the disqualification victory, Twiggy celebrated it as a major win.

3 –     In a wild and entertaining contest, The Afterparty of Cecil Nyx and Chaz Lovely overcame three other teams to claim the victory.  The other participants in the match included the teams of Michael Style & “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, The Incredible Hunks, and the tandem of Lucky Sabiti and HC Ryder.

4 –    The debuting Darkko pinned Pat Skillz in an open challenge.  Skillz came to the ring before the match and announced that he was angry with C*4 management not giving him a match on the event, and said that as one of the owners of CRW that he would shut the show down, if he did not get a match.  A second later, Darkko walked out of the back and was happy to oblige Skillz’s wish.

5-   In an extremely hard-hitting and competitive match, Mathieu St. Jacques forced Player Uno to submit to a crossface-armbar.  Uno hurt his arm early in the match, and St. Jacques spend the majority of the contest focusing on the injured limb.  Despite his best efforts, St. Jacques proved too much for Uno.   Following the match, St. Jacques continued to pound on Uno, and to make matters worse, he was joined by Thomas Dubois in the assault.    Both men celebrated following the beat down of Uno.   The question now becomes, where does Thomas Dubois stand in relation to The Authority?  It is well known that Dubois and St. Jacques are a well-known Quebec tandem.  Has Dubois have found his way into the growing faction in C*4?

6 –    In a highly competitive and extremely hard hitting contest, “Ronin” Josh Alexander continued his winning streak by pinning “Textbook” Tyson Dux.  Both men hit each other with everything that they had.  The finish came after Alexander nailed Dux with a roaring elbow to the back of Dux’s head, and knocked him out.

7 –    In the “Authority Open Challenge”, Sebastian Suave, pinned the debuting Buxx Belmar, in a very exciting match-up.  Suave’s victory came with the assistance of his manager, Selezya Sparx.  Selezya helped distract Bellmar several times during the match, and in the end, the double team of Suave and Sparx proved too much for ‘Dirty’ Buxx.

8 –   C*4 Champion, “The Emperor” Stu Grayson forced Sexxxy Eddy to submit, using his patented Dragon Sleeper.  Once again, Authority valet, Selezya Sparx used her assets to help distract Eddy at various times throughout the match.  Eddy fought hard, but in the end fell to the Champ.

9 –    In the Main Event, the team of “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Rhino claimed the win over “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen and Franky the Mobster.    Throughout the match, Steen avoided Rhino, several times tagging out to Franky.   The finish saw all four men going at it, when Steen accidentally spit on Franky.  Finally having enough, Franky laid Steen out with a sit-out chokebomb.  Franky stormed out of the ring, leaving Steen alone.  After a moment, Kevin got back to his feet, only to find himself knocked flat by a huge Gore by Rhino.  Bailey capatalized and delivered a sky-high shooting star press on to Steen, and scored the victory.

C*4 would like to thank all the great fans who braved the weather who came out and supported the event.  C*4 will be returning to Montreal later this season!C*4 returns to Ottawa on Saturday March 10th, with a huge show featuring all of your favourites!  Don’t miss out!www.c4wrestling.com
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