• Buy tickets to #C4TheyLive!

    Tickets are available at the following locations for #C4TheyLive: VIP Front Row and GA are available at Vertigo Records (193 Rideau St) GA tickets are available at Otherside Tattoo (561 Gladstone Ave), The ODDs & SODs Shoppe (1527 Merivale Road) and in extremely limited quantities at St. … Continue reading

  • Debut show at St. Anthony's Hall

    C*4 debuts in their new venue the heart of Little Italy, at St. Anthony’s Hall!

    On May 25th, 2018 we debut in our new downtown home, in the heart of Little Italy – St. Anthony’s Hall! Details will be coming soon for this event. Advance tickets can be purchased at the following location: – Front … Continue reading

  • C*4 “End of Days” Official Results

    April 14, 2018Ottawa, OntarioAttendance: 550+Results1.   Kevin Blanchard survived a five-way scramble overcoming Jeff Cannonball, Jody Threat, “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave and Mikey Skyros.2.   Brute Van Slyke defeated Space Monkey, seemingly putting an end to their rivalry.3.   “MVP” Michael Von Payton, Rahim Ali and Deeno Benjamin beat Sheldon Jean, Mark Wheeler, … Continue reading

  • C*4 presents “THEY LIVE” – May 25th, 2018
    Debut show at St. Anthony's Hall

  • C*4 presents “END OF DAYS”

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