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Author Topic: C*4 “Hard Target” – Official Results  (Read 923 times)
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C*4 “Hard Target” – Official Results
Ottawa, Ontario
November 16, 2018

Attendance: Sold Out (650+ Standing Room Only)

1.   Sheldon Jean and “MVP” Michael Von Payton became C*4 Tag Team Champions, as they defeated Gabriel Fuerza in a handicap match.  Fuerza attempted to defend the championships alone,  as his Fight or Flight partner, Vaughn Vertigo had been in a car accident and could not make the show.

2.   In an outstanding contest,  Evil Uno narrowly defeated newcomer “Red Death” Daniel Garcia.  Garcia stepped up in a big way and went toe-to-toe with Uno, and despite the loss, left the C*4 crowd cheering for him.

3.   The squad of “A Chick with Dicks”, Jody Threat, Cecil Nyx, John Atlas, and Dick Justice, defeated the team of Harry Wolfman, Gursinder Singh, Holden Albright, and “Scrapper” James Stone.

4.   In a fast-paced, high-impact battle, “Walking Wapon” Josh Alexander pinned Matt Cross, following a spinning tombstone piledriver.

5.   Tabarnak De Team, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois beat The Fraternity, Channing Decker and Trent Gibson, in a violent and spectacular “Frat House Brawl”.   The battle saw the use of doors, chairs, a staple gun, and thumbtacks.   

It was a wild brawl, and shockingly after the violent fight, TDT shook hands with The Frat, seemingly giving them their respect.

6.   In an impromptu Tag Team match, the newly formed MTL Elite, C*4 Underground Champion, Benjamin Tull and Brad Alexis, defeated Jonathan Rukin and the returning Brute Van Slyke.

Prior to the match, the former Velvet Jones confronted Rukin, and aligned himself with Tull.

7.   In a fast-paced three-way dance,  Tyson Dux scored the win, pinning Stu Grayson, and also defeating Teddy Hart.

8.   In an incredible sprint of a main event, Matt Angel ended “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst’s 14 Month long reign as C*4 Champion, to claim the title.

The two were firing on all cylinders for every minute of the match, hitting big move after big move, using chairs, and other leftover pieces of plunder from the earlier Frat House Brawl.
The brawl continued until Matt Angel nailed a top-rope Spanish fly onto a pile of chairs, and scored the three-count.

Following the win, Angel’s celebration was cut short as Josh Alexander interrupted.  He congratulated Angel, and then challenged him for January 25th.  Upset by the interruption, Angel exchanged heated word with Alexander, which quickly turned to blows.

Security finally cleared the ring, and allowed the new Champion to continue his celebration.

C*4 kicks off the new year on January 25th, as we present “NIGHTMARE CITY”… This show will be absolutely STACKED!  Stay tuned to details…  Advance tickets on sale NOW at VERTIGO RECORDS (193 Rideau Street, Ottawa), Otherside Tattoo (561 Gladstone Ave.), The ODDs & SODs Shoppe (1527 Merivale Road), and St. Anthony's Hall (downstairs bar).
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