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Author Topic: C*4 "End of Days" Official Results  (Read 4094 times)
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C*4 “End of Days” Official Results
April 14, 2018
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: 550+

1.   Kevin Blanchard survived a five-way scramble overcoming Jeff Cannonball, Jody Threat, “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave and Mikey Skyros.

2.   Brute Van Slyke defeated Space Monkey, seemingly putting an end to their rivalry.

3.   “MVP” Michael Von Payton, Rahim Ali and Deeno Benjamin beat Sheldon Jean, Mark Wheeler, and Holden Albright.  Following the match, seeming out of frustration, Jean attacked both Wheeler and Albright.

4.   In a fast-paced and high impact three-way dance, the debuting “Retro-Sexual” Anthony Greene scored a major victory, overcoming both “All Ego” Ethan Page, and Tony Deppen.

5.   In a hard-hitting battle, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander scored a win over Josh Briggs.  Briggs once again kept-up with another of C*4’s top stars, before ultimately falling in defeat.

6.   Matt Angel scored a major win, as he defeated former WWE Superstar, Simon Grimm, in a very physical battle.

7.   C*4 Tag Team Champions, Heavy Metal Chaos, James Stone and Alextreme retained their Championships, against Fight or Flight, Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza, A Couple of Dicks, Cecil Nyx and Dick Justice, and High n’ Mighty,  Jonathan Rukin and Velvet Jones.

Following yet another time coming up short against HMC, a challenge for one more match against the two-time Champions was made by FoF.  A challenge that was accepted.  However with a stipulation… If Fight or Flight loses, they will no longer be allowed to team up in C*4 again.

8.   In a very physical battle, Chris Dickinson narrowly beat Brent Banks.

9.   The final match of the night was the appropriately titled, “Last Battle of Vanier”.  The match, turned out to be one of the absolute wildest 260 McArthur Ave has ever seen.     Mathieu St. Jacques, Thomas Dubois, Stu Grayson, and the unexpected Matt Angel, joined forces to defeat Evil UNO, “The Beast King” FTM, Twiggy, and C*4 Champion, “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst.

The brawl went throughout the building.  Tables were smashed, chairs were bashed, and bodies were broken.

The finish of the match came when Twiggy found himself surrounded by his opponents, only attempting to retreat.  When he did, he found himself face to face with C*4’s Chief of Event Staff, Stephen, and his ring crew – whom Twiggy had belittled and taunted for months.    The crew tossed him back into the ring, and into the hands of his opponents.

MSJ, Dubois, Stu and Angel each locked in submissions on their opponents, forcing them all to submit.

The show ended with the winning team celebrating to a packed crowd cheering.

C*4 thanks the over 550 people who came out on April 14th to celebrate our decade plus run at the VCC.

C*4 looks forward to the future – as we move to St. Anthony’s Hall (523 St Anthony St.), just off Preston Street, in the heart of Little Italy.   We are so excited for this move, and hope all our fans join us on May 25th, when we present #C4TheyLive!

Advance tickets are on sale NOW at Vertigo Records(193 Rideau St) and Otherside Tattoo (561 Gladstone Ave).  Front Row are available exclusively at Vertigo. GA tickets are available at both locations.
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