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C*4 presents “The Departed” – Official Results
March 17, 2018
Ottawa, Ontario
: 550+ Sold Out / Standing Room Only

1.   The show started with the first-ever C*4 Underground Championship Gauntlet.  “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst and Twiggy came to the ring, with both the C*4 Championship and the C*4 Underground Championship in his hands.

Twiggy explained that the only reason that Durst was being forced to compete twice this night was due to the Champion’s association with him.   After the bell sounded, Twiggy leaned over to Durst and signaled him to follow.

Durst followed, and counted himself out of the match, thus eliminating and surrendering the Championship.

As a result, the seven competitors would compete to become the new Underground Champion.

In somewhat of a shocker, in only his second appearance (and one of the original four in the match), Benjamin Tull survived and was crowned the new Underground Champion.

Tull last pinned Kevin Blanchard (subbing for an ill Brandon Watts).   Other highlights of the match saw Brute Van Slyke’s yearlong undefeated streak come to an end, as he was overcome and pinned by Space Monkey, Kevin Blanchard and Tull.

Other talent in the match who gave their all included Deeno, Matt Knicks, Stevie Fierce, and C*4 Tag Team Champion, James Stone.

2.   Out next, Velvet Jones announced that his partner Jonathan Rukin wasn’t there to compete that night.  He introduced a partner he found out partying on that St. Patrick's day, the debuting BMD.

Out to accept the already open contract from High N’ Mighty was Cecil Nyx… Who revealed that after being accidentally drugged the previous month, teaming with HnM, he was going to clean-up C*4.  He then introduced a man who he felt could help him do it… Dick Justice.

In the end,  to save all involved potential jail-time, and waiting for the video to eventually speak for itself, Dick Justice and Cecil Nyx were victorious… and absolutely nobody was killed during this match.   We swear.  Nobody look in that lumpy rolled carpet in the parking lot, that all but BMD rolled up, and tossed outside.

3.   In a fast-paced three-way dance, Brent Banks was victorious against Mark Wheeler and the debuting and impressive MJF.

4.   In a near show-stealer, and an absolute must-see match, Matt Angel gave the performance of a lifetime, and defeated David Starr.   Both men gave it their all, and could have gone either way.  Hopefully these two will cross paths again in the future!  

5.   In a wild six-man Tag Team Match,  the team of Evil UNO, “Beast King” FTM, and the returning Tyson Dux, defeated Stu Grayson, Thomas Dubois and Vanessa Kraven.

Things are far from finished after this match-up with all involved.

Two things coming out of the match which should be noted…

Firstly, following the match, led by Twiggy, Uno and FTM turned their backs and assaulted Tyson Dux.  Dux was the man who originally sided with Uno and FTM last June, but had not been seen since.   Was this payback for abandoning them?  Or was it a case of frustrations from his teammates as Dux nearly cost them the victory?

In addition, during the course of the match, Vanessa Kraven lost her temper and assaulted an official with a massive choke-bomb.   The official in question (Gerry the Ref) has demanded that Kraven be punished for her infractions – and after some deliberation, with very little choice on the matter, C*4 Management has suspended Vanessa Kraven for one show.  Unfortunately, Kraven must now miss April 14th’s event.

6.   In an absolute shocker, Sheldon Jean once again defeated “MVP” Michael Von Payton, accompanied by Rahim Ali.

Von Payton was last seen on Saturday night still unsure how he was cleanly beaten by the rookie.

7.   “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander managed to beat the third-generation superstar,  the debuting Teddy Hart, in an hard hitting affair.

Hart pulled out all the stops against Alexander, but in the end, secured the win.

Following the match, Alexander took the mic and praised Hart, and said that he was one of the best, and would gladly face him again.

Hart for his time thanked Alexander for the match, and showed C*4 fans his appreciation for them.  With that in mind, it seems clear that Teddy won over  C*4 fans,  and will hopefully be back sooner than later.

8.   In a party of a match, Fight or Flight (Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza) defeated the debuting Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen).   All four men got a little tipsy in this one – but still pulled out all the stops.

9.   Prior to the start of the “I Quit” Main Event it was announced that if Twiggy, Evil Uno, or FTM made offensive physical contact with Mathieu St. Jacques, MSJ would immediately be rewarded the C*4 Championship. In addition, Twiggy was banned from ringside.

The match that followed was one of the most violent in C*4 history, as Mathieu St. Jacques challenged “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst.  The two brawled throughout the building, using chairs and tables, and eventually back to the ring with thumbtacks.

It seemed like St. Jacques had Durst beaten, as he held him in a cloverleaf, facedown in a pile of thumbtacks, until Twiggy ran into the ring.

Seemingly realizing the fact he couldn’t touch St. Jacques, Twiggy froze, as MSJ grabbed him and put him in a cloverleaf for his trouble.

While St. Jacques held the move on Twiggy, Kobe Durst got back up, and threw a fireball into Mathieu’s face.

Blinded and burnt, MSJ released the hold, only to allow Durst to apply his own submission to the downed St. Jacques in the tacks.  With no other options, St. Jacques submitted.

After the match, and he eventually stood to his feet, St. Jacques issued a challenge for April 14th’s #C4EndOfDays  event, calling out Uno, FTM, Durst and Twiggy.

Who knows what will happen on April 14th, but we know you do not want to miss this event!  Join us as we say goodbye to our home for the last 10+ years, 260 McArthur Ave – and what will truly be an end of an era!

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