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Author Topic: C*4 10th Anniversary Weekend Official Results - November 24 and 25th  (Read 3061 times)
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C*4 10th Anniversary Weekend Results
Night #1 - #C4NearDark
November 24, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario

1.   The debuting Benjamin Tull defeated Stratos Fear, Cecil Nyx, and Kevin Blanchard in a four-corner match.

2.   In a wild and violent brawl, Jeff Cannonball beat the returning Sexxxy Eddy.   

3.   The Fraternity, Channing Decker and Trent Gibson, out-partied their way to victory against High’n’ Mighty, Jonathan Rukin, and Velvet Jones.

4.   In a hard-hitting battle, Thomas Dubois pinned the debuting Joe Hendry n a competitive battle.

Before the next match, Twiggy came to the ring, and told C*4 fans that he was there to ruin the celebratory weekend for everybody both behind and in front of the curtain.     

5.   Vanessa Kraven beat “The  Endorsement” Sebastian Suave.  Throughout the course of the match, Suave used several  “sponsored” distractions to try and gain a victory over Kraven, but  in the end, Vanessa succeeded.

6.   In a high-flying, and fast-paced six man tag team match, Mark Wheeler, the debuting Victor La Pulga, and returning Ottawa favourite, Justin “Virus” Saikaley defeated the trio of Deeno Benjamin, Shitty and Rahim Ali.

7.   In an exciting first time ever contest, Brent Banks scored a big win, as he pinned the returning Hallowicked.

8.   Sonny Kiss pinned former C*4 Tag Team Champion, Tarik, in a hard fought contest.  The win was Sonny’s first in C*4 . 

9.   In an wild brawl, the number one contendership match between “Dirty” Buxx Belmar and Mathieu St. Jacques fought to a no-contest.   The final decision was made by the official, after both Evil UNO and Twiggy made their way to the ring to attack both men.

Keeping true to his word of spoiling the weekend for C*4, Twiggy and Uno assaulted both exhausted men, before being pulled out be security.

After the brawl, it was announced that Buxx and MSJ would both face Kobe Durst on Saturday night.   Buxx and MSJ would then get into a fight, which needed to be separated by security,  which left Twiggy and Uno celebrating their accomplishment.

Night #2 - #C4ThePrestige
November 25, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario

Attendance:  Sold Out- Standing Room Only

1.   Heavy Metal Chaos, James Stone and Alextreme once again defeated Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza,  Fight or Flight, to retain their Tag Team Championships.   Fight or Flight have remained winless against HMC, and have seemingly slipped further away from the Championships they once held.

2.   In a happening of a match, “The Curse” Cecil Nyx, accompanied by his former partner, Chaz Lovely, somehow won against “Supercop” Dick Justice.  The match saw Cecil getting shot by Justice.  The Supercop then went on an arresting spree, locking up everybody from the referee, to staff, and the soundman.    Definitely a sight to be seen.

3.   In a stunning turn of events, Matt Angel pinned “MVP” Michael Von Payton, with the assistance of Shane Sabre, and Francis Novak, in a four corner, MVP Invitational match.   As per pre-match stipulations, Von Payton was forced to unmask.   Angel, Sabre and Novak all joined forces to unmask Von Payton.

4.   The returning Brute Van Slyke ran through the debuting Super Savages in a handicapped match, which saw the much larger Beast of the North-East topple every double team attack the Savages could muster.

5.   Stu Grayson and Evil UNO, accompanied by Twiggy, battled to a no contest, after Uno accidentally sprayed mist into the eyes of the official, leading to chaos to follow.   It goes without saying that things are far from over between these two.

6.   “The Beast King” FTM, also accompanied by Twiggy, went to war with Thomas Dubois.  However, Dubois was unable to overcome FTM and the assistance of Twiggy.

7.   In an absolute war, and match of the year candidate, “Limitless” Keith Lee was successful in his Canadian debut, defeating the “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander.  

The two men gave everything they had to one another, but in the end Lee, motivated to impress in his first foray into Canada, managed to score a big win.

8.   In a first time ever tag team battle, LAX, Draztik and Ortiz, beat the reunited 3.O, Big Magic and Jeff Parker.

3.O looked great in their first match back in C*4 in many years, however, the former-EYFBO managed to overcome the duo, and score  a huge win.

9.   In an insane three-way battle, that went throughout the building, C*4 Champion, “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst, managed to survive the challenge of Mathieu St. Jacques and “Dirty” Buxx Belmar.

The ending of the war came when the three exhausted men found themselves surrounded by Twiggy, Evil Uno and FTM, who made their way to the ringside area.   Buxx sacrificed himself and dove out of the ring at the group.

St. Jacques, realizing the numbers were against he and Kobe, chose to stand with the Champion, handing him a chair, as they were to take a stand against Twiggy and company.

Kobe however, had other plans, as he laid out St. Jacques with the chair handed to him, before managing to score a pin on Buxx, and winning the match.

Following the match, Kobe Durst shook hands with Twiggy, and celebrated along with Uno and FTM, in the middle of the ring, much to the shock of everybody in the venue.

Durst, a man who managed to capture both the C*4 Championship and the C*4 Underground Championship, on his own – has seemingly sold his soul to the man who wants to watch the promotion crumble.

A weekend of celebration turned into a weekend of confusion and uncertainty for all who worked for C*4, following the union made public at the end of the event.

C*4 wishes all of you a very happy , healthy, and safe Holiday Season , and looks forward to having you join us on January 20, 2018, as we present #C4InTheMouthOfMadness!
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