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Author Topic: C*4 "Crossing the Line 10: INFERNO" - Official Results  (Read 3521 times)
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C*4 “Crossing the Line 10: INFERNO” – Official Results
Saturday June 17th, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: Standing Room Only

Referees:  Alex Hetfiedl, Benny, Gerry
Announcers: Adam B., Chaz Lovely

1. In a wild, and unpredictable brawl, C*4 Underground Champion, “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst managed to narrowly retain his Championship against Vanessa Kraven.

Kraven appeared to have Durst defeated, when “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave made his way to the ringside area, and with the microphone in his hand,  went on to declare that last month, Kraven had cut him off before he could make his promotional announcements.   As Kraven argued with the official to get Suave to leave the ringside area, she turned around and was hit with a Kobe-Breaker, allowing him to score the win.

2. “Flying” Frank Milano, Bob “The Animal” Anger, and Brendon O’Conner  scored a big win, defeating “MVP” Michael Von Payton, Deeno Benjamin, and Mikey Skyros, in an entertaining six man tag team match.

3. Space Monkey managed to end the season on a winning note, beating the returning JAKA.

4. In a very hard hitting affair, Tyson Dux forced Matt Angel to submit to a vicious Boston Crab.  Dux shook Angel’s hand following the match in a sign of respect.

5.  In a crazy four corner match, Brute Van Slyke continued his undefeated streak, pinning the “Neon Ninja” Façade, and also defeating Evil Uno and Shane Sabre.

6.  “The Curse” Cecil Nyx pinned “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave, ending their ongoing rivalry.  Vanessa Kraven got a measure of revenge against Suave’s actions earlier in the night, when she ran in and delivered a choke-bomb to Suave.  

7. C*4 Tag Team Champions, Fight or Flight, Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza defeated High N’ Mighty, Jonathan Rukin and Velvet Jones, , and LAX’s EYFBO, Mike “Santana” Draztik and Angel Ortiz, in a thrilling three-way tag team match.

8.  In a violent and heated brawl, “Dirty” Buxx Belmar got a measure of revenge against “All Ego” Ethan Page, beating him.   Buxx was finally able to celebrate his return to C*4, after Page interrupted him last month.

9. In a true match of the year contender, C*4 Champion, Mathieu St. Jacques managed to overcome the challenges of both former-C*4 Champion, Stu Grayson, and former-TDT partner, Thomas Dubois, and retain his Championship.  

All three men gave it their all, and it could have gone in each way, but in the end it was St. Jacques who managed to overcome the toughest challenge of his career.  

St. Jacques will now enter his third Season as C*4 Champion, when we return to action on Saturday September 30th, 2017 for Season 11!

Any chance to celebrate was short-lived however, as immediately following the win, TWIGGY emerged from the locker-room, soon followed by “Beast King” FTM, and would soon later be joined by a chair wielding Tyson Dux.

As the trio surrounded the ring, Evil UNO ran out with a chair in hand, and ran into the ring, to stand next to his fallen partner, Stu Grayson.

Stu watched in shock as Uno SMASHED C*4 Champion, Mathieu St. Jacques with the chair, and then Thomas Dubois.    Uno would drop the chair down in front of Stu, holding his hands out for a moment, only to spray mist into his eyes, and deliver a pile-driver to Stu on the chair.

After a moment, Twiggy would pick up the Championship, only to throw it down, and stomp on it, while Uno, FTM and Dux stood united.

The quartet stood tall in the ring, as a shocked crowd watched on.  
C*4 Management could only do the same.

No answers have been given.  No logical conclusions can be reached.  Aside from these men frequently sharing the C*4 locker room together, none have ever been aligned in the company.  

What is their goal?  What is their message?   We look forward to getting some answers in the near future…

C*4 returns to action on Saturday September 30, 2017, as we kick off Season 11!

Before then, don’t miss our seventh annual Canadian Cancer Society fundraising spectacular, as we once again host “FIGHTING BACK: Wrestling with Cancer” on Saturday August 12th.   Details to come soon!

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