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Author Topic: C*4 "PHENOMENA" - Official Results  (Read 1245 times)
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C*4 “PHENOMENA” – Official Results
Saturday, April 22, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario

Bonus Match:  Mark Wheeler pinned Holden Albright

1 – Viking defeated Tony Deppen in an absolutely wild brawl.

2 – High N’ Mighty, Jonathan Rukin and Velvet Jones, along with Cecil Nyx, defeated Cuts and Guts, Tarik & John Greed, and Sebastian Suave.  Issues between Cecil Nyx and Suave seem unresolved.

3 – In an intense and violent contest, C*4 Underground Champion, Kobe Durst managed to successfully retain against challenger Jeff Cannonball.

4 – Space Monkey successfully overcame Brent Banks, Matt Angel and Evil UNO in a high flying, and high impact four-way dance.

5 – In a 20 minute classic, “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander narrowly defeated “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham.   Both men gave everything they had, and it could have gone either way.  In the end it was the former C*4 Champion who managed to score the win.

6 – Vanessa Kraven pinned “MVP” Michael Von Payton in a Hair(style) vs Hair(style) match.  Following the win, Kraven shaved off Von Payton’s signature soulpatch goatee.  In addition, she attempted to cut off his fauxhawk, but was unsuccessful.

MVP will no longer be allowed to sport a fauxhawk ever again when competing in C*4.

7 –Tyson Dux evened the score with “The Product” David Starr, in a 15 minute a battle, which just about stole the show.  Dux and Starr went move for move for most of the match, but in the end if was Dux who scored the win.

Following the match, Dux extended his hand to shake hands with Starr – who blew Tyson off, and walked away.

Before the start of the next match, Twiggy made his way to the ring, as invited.  He mocked C*4 for their apology, and went on to say that he isn't the only person in the locker room who has issues with the treatment that they receive by C*4 Management...

8 – In a shocking outcome, Heavy Metal Chaos, James Stone and Alextreme became the new C*4 Tag Team Champions, defeating Stu Grayson and Thomas Dubois.

The ending came after Stu accidentally knocked out Dubois, leaving himself alone to be defeated by HMC.  

Following the match, the always volatile relationship between Stu and Dubois exploded, as both blamed one another for the loss.  The pair battled to the back, where they were pulled apart by C*4 staff and management.

9 – In the main event of the night, Mathieu St. Jacques retained the C*4 Championship by the narrowest of margins against the newly christened “Beast King” FTM (formerly known as Franky the Mobster).  

The match saw two referees knocked unconscious, a table shattered, and both men beating one another violently.   In the end, St. Jacques managed to piledrive FTM on top of broken pieces of table, and score the win.

It must be noted that  FTM’s former tag team partner, the man he turned on, and laid to waste last month, Space Monkey, interfered near the end of the match.     Without a doubt, had it not been for Monkey’s interferences, St. Jacques might have been saying goodbye to the championship he has held on to for the last 18 months.

C*4 returns to action on Saturday May 27th, 2017, when we deliver “ATTACK THE BLOCK”!  
Tickets are available NOW at the venue and Vertigo Records!

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