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Author Topic: C*4 "Mean Streets" comments...  (Read 750 times)
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« on: March 23, 2017, 08:14:49 PM »

First, I haven't been to many C*4 shows this one has been the one in a long time.

First impressions: I can see why people enjoy C4's wrestling, amazing show put on by the folks.

I had not seen Vanessa in a few years live she looks great! She has really come into her role and also her look is nice and impressive.

Brute? All I can say is great match! To me this was the match of the evening, not because it had sick bumps (Viking got that one for the night!) but because the story they told while an "easy read" was very well played out by all 4 wrestlers, the 3 vs 1 for a while then you got rid of the big guy for a bit, as he's out of the ring the high flyers flew until he came back for a comeback, you got a bit of everything and in the end Brute wins.

MVP vs Vanessa in Hair vs.. Hair Bikini match at the next show will be entertaining, and hopefully we'll see MVP get shaved LOL.

What else impressed me... Fans were in the show and into the matches which always makes for a great night of watching.

Franky: You sir are a beast! I love your outfit with the mask I didn't recognize you at first having seen you only  afew times previously but dude, you've almost doubled in size since I saw you... Truly beastly! (in a good way)

Viking... Sick ass bump I'm glad to hear you survived... Thrown out of the ring over the top rope and onto the cement floor... Ouch!

Uno dude... Haven't seen you in a few years, you still got it... and have added a bit... (not that I am one to say much I've added more then a bit myself!)

Stu man you are ripped as hell, you haven't stopped loving it it seems, and you're putting the work into it since CPW days!

Tag teams that impressed, seeing that it was a five man mish mash of sorts, the tag match I didn't really enjoy, not because of the guys but just because they didn't have a lot of time to go one on one, the prelim match with double DQ was an ok ending, lets hope we see those two teams back in action to settle the score.

Overall I was impressed with the show.

I've spoke to Mark and he's explained apparently the signs have been a long standing /running joke but I was not a fan of seeing signs with "just" the C word... Don't get me wrong I'm 100% behind expressing yourself, and the guy who took the time to draw lady parts and say "MVP IS A above it made me chuckle... That /was/ funny. However seeing a sign just with the C word (and yes I admit I hate that word) I didn't enjoy it. Why? It takes ten seconds to write a single word that in itself means nothing, lets be more original folks, you're spending your hard earned dollars on a piece of cardboard and making a statement and all you can come up with is "C"... just left me dry, it's a free country and you can say it if you wnat but to me it shows nothing really. Just my thoughts on it, I'm not attacking anyone here just making a comment.
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