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Author Topic: C*4 "Mean Streets" - Official Results  (Read 1554 times)
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C*4 presents “Mean Streets”
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance:  Standing Room Only
Announcer: The Voice
Referees:   Benny, Matthew Grant, and Gerry

1.   “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave took a short-cut to beat “The Curse” Cecil Nyx, after throwing Nyx into the referee, and taking advantage of the chaos.

2.   In a thrilling four-corners match, Brute Van Slyke defeated Matt Angel, Mikey Skyros, and Tyler Nitro.

3.   In a hard hitting, and violent affair, Tyson Dux defeated Viking, by submission.  The battle saw Viking bring out his barbedwire baseball bat, only to see Dux use it against him.

4.   In an upset of sorts, Heavy Metal Chaos, James Storm and Alextreme were victorious in the the five-team Number one contendership gauntlet.

The first two entrants of the match were High n’ Mighty (Velvet Jones, and Jonathan Rukin) battling Cuts’ N Guts (Tarik and John Greed) to a double count-out.

The next team out was The Fraternity (Channing Decker, and Trent Gibson) who fell to Franky the Mobster and Space Monkey.

And in the end it was HMC shocking many, by pinning Space Monkey, and scoring the win.

Following the match, Space Monkey offered Franky the Mobster a banana, in a peace offering to his frustrated partner.  However, Franky had already had enough of his primate partner, and rejected the gift, and delivered a huge Screwdriver to Space Monkey.

5.   C*4 Underground Champion Kobe Durst once again defeated Evil Uno, and retained his newly won championship, in a hard hitting brawl.  

Next up in the show, fans and staff alike were shocked to see former C*4 Champion, Twiggy, enter the building through the side door.

Twiggy took the mic, and proceeded to vent about his feelings of being “an abuse victim” in his relationship with C*4.  The man who has been a part of C*4 since day one, specifically the very first match in the promotion’s decade ago, vented about his wasted season, last year.

Finally, security escorted Twiggy from the building, before allowing the show to move on.

6.   In an impromptu tag team match, Jordynne Grace and Vanessa Kraven defeated “MVP” Michael Von Payton and Rahim Ali.

Von Payton ducked out of the match, leaving Ali to get annihilated by Grace and Kraven.

After the match Vanessa and MVP went back and forth on the microphone, finally agreeing to a match, where if Kraven wins, Von Payton must shave his “soul patch”, and his “faux hawk” will be banned from C*4.  If MVP wins, Kraven must dye her hair blonde, and will no longer be allowed to wrestle men in C*4.

7.   In nearly twenty minutues and in an absolute technical classic, Jonathan Gresham beat Brent Banks.

8.   In a thrilling 40 minute marathon, Mathieu St. Jacques successfully defended the C*4 Championship against five opponents.

Early on “All Ego” Ethan Page seemed poised to go far, however, was eliminated by C*4 Tag Team Champions, Thomas Dubois and Stu Grayson.

Next out, shockingly, was “Bad Boy” Joey Janela, who was eliminated by “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander.

Josh, favoured by many would continue to impress – only to be distracted by Janela’s valet, Penelope Ford, allowing Janela to run back in and attack him.

Following Janela’s attack, Stu Grayson managed to pin the man who once ended his two year title reign.

The final three participants saw C*4 Champion, Mathieu St. Jacques squaring off with C*4 Tag Team Champions, Thomas Dubois and Stu Grayson.

With all participants exhausted, sensing a chance to take out one of his competitors, Stu pinned his own partner, Thomas Dubois,  shockingly eliminating him.

For the final few minutes, Grayson, and St. Jacques did battle, hitting each other with everything they had.

Grayson seemed to have St. Jacques beaten, when he hit him with a bane-breaker back breaker, only to see the Champion roll out of the ring.

With both men out on their feet, MSJ somehow managed to rally, and keep Grayson down for a three count, following a huge piledriver.

Once again, Mathieu St. Jacques managed to retain… However it became clear that both Stu Grayson and Thomas Dubois are far from finished with him.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 as we present #C4Phenomena!

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