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Author Topic: C*4 "FIRE WALK WITH ME" - Official Results!  (Read 1084 times)
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C*4 “FIRE WALK WITH ME” Official Results
Saturday January 21, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: Turn away Sell-Out crowd.
Announcer: The Voice
Commentary:  Adam B, Chaz Lovely, & Ethan Page
Referees:  Serge St. Denis, Benny, and Gerry

1 .   In a high-flying and fast paced contest, the trio of Heavy Metal Chaos, James Storm and Alextreme, along with “The Curse” Cecil Nyx defeated Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo) and Brent Banks, in a six man tag team match.

2 .   Vanessa Kraven was awarded a win by Count-Out against “MVP” Michael Von Payton.  The match, which barely got underway, saw Von Payton walk out on the match before Kraven could get her hands on him.  Kraven was livid following the match, furious over the fact that she was not able to get her hands on MVP.

3 .   C*4 Tag Team Champions, Stu Grayson and Thomas Dubois continued their winnin ways fighting off the challenge of High and Mighty, Jonathan Rukin and Velvet Jones.

4 .   In an absolute mat classic, WXW Shotgun Champion, David Starr managed to narrowly defeat Tyson Dux, following a Straitjacket German Suplex.  This match was intense from the opening bell, and saw both competitors go at it at 100 miles an hour from the get go.  

It should be noted that Tyson Dux might have had the match won earlier on, when he had Starr pinned, but the referee was out of position.

5 .   Evil UNO forced C*4 Underground Champion, Viking to submit to a Crab, while Viking was stretched across a Barbed Wire Baseball bat.

The wild and bloody brawl saw Uno claim his very first Championship in C*4.

6 .   “All Ego” Ethan Page pinned Kevin Blanchard following a Spinning Dwayne.  

Page continues his winning ways with the victory.

7 .   In a match that will no doubt rank among the very best matches in C*4 history, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander was able to pin “Speedball” Mike Bailey, following a spinning tombstone piledriver.

The match could have gone either way, and after 20 plus minutes of action, Alexander was the victor.

Bailey and Alexander gave everything they had to one another, and no doubt, this won’t be the final time they compete against each other in C*4.  

8 .  In somewhat of an upset, EYFBO, Mike Draztik and Angel Ortiz defeated Franky the Mobster and Space Monkey, as well as Cuts n’ Guts, Tarik and John Greed, in a three-way Tag Team Match.

It should be noted that Franky and Space Monkey were clearly on different pages in the match, which lead to EYFBO being able to score the win.

9 .   In a match that was a year in the making, C*4 Champion Mathieu St. Jacques pinned perhaps his greatest rival, “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

The war between both men went throughout the venue, as well as the parking lot.  Using tables, chairs and whatever else wasn’t nailed down, the pair threw everything they could at one another.

In the end, St. Jacques scored the win following a powerbomb off the stage onto a table, and then a pile driver in the ring.

St. Jacques continues his seemingly unstoppable ways, as his reign enters its 16th month.

We want to thank everybody who made it out on Saturday night for one of the absolute wildest nights in C*4 history.  

Our next regular season event takes place on Saturday March 18th, 2017, as we present #C4MeanStreets.   Advance tickets are on sale now at both the venue, and at Vertigo Records.  This show will be loaded!

If you cannot wait until then for C*4 action, we present our third annual “Underground” event on Saturday February 25th, 2017.  The card, a special annual event, focuses on new and upcoming talents looking to impress C*4 fans and management.  Expect a few familiar faces in there as well

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