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Author Topic: C*4 "Crossing the Line 9: DRIVE" - Official Results and feedback thread  (Read 1763 times)
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« on: June 27, 2016, 08:14:59 PM »

C*4 “Crossing the Line9: DRIVE” – Official Results
Attendance: Standing Room Only
Announcer: The Voice
Commentators:  Adam B. and Chaz Lovely
Referees: Serge St. Denis, Benny, and Gerry Hodges

1.   In the first ever “Insane Eight” match, the debuting Freddie Mercurio narrowly scored a victory, defeating Deeno Benjamin, Oliver Strange, D-Man, Lionel Knight, Kevin Blanchard, Kobe Durst, and Qefka the Quiet.  

2.   In a heated grudge tag team match,  Space Monkey, and Franky the Mobster, with help of a surprise special referee, “Dirty” Buxx Belmar, defeated Twiggy and Giant Tiger.

With the deck stacked against them, Twiggy and Giant Tiger could not find a way to weasel their way out facing the music against Space Monkey, who along with C*4 Management, recruited Franky and former C*4 Champion, Buxx Belmar.

3.   In an outstanding contest, the debuting Jordynne Grace scored a major upset by pinning “Overdog” Sebastian Suave.

4.   The reunited “MVP” Michael Von Payton, & “Prince” Rahim Ali defeated “High and Mighty”, Velvet Jones and Mr. Rukin.

5.   In a violent, bloody, and hard-hitting affair, Viking ended “The Curse” Cecil Nyx season long un-pinned streak, and won the first ever C*4 Underground Championship.

The two brawled through the crowd, in a match that saw the use of a staple gun, chairs, and a smashed table.  In the end Viking knocked out Cecil Nyx with a vertibreaker through several chairs, and pinned him for the win.

6.   In a four-corner match for the C*4 Tag Team Championships, the super team of former C*4 Champion Stu Grayson and two time former Tag Team Champion, Thomas Dubois, defeated Tarik and John Greed ,Cuts ‘ N’ Guts, to become the new Champions.

This action packed match also saw the C*4 debut of the tandem of Tyson Dux and Tracy Williams, best known as Hot Sauce Entertainment.  As well a valiant effort put forth by Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza, Fight or Flight.

7.   In an absolute professional wrestling clinic, “Speedball” Mike Bailey pinned “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham, following a shooting star double knee and a kick to the head.

8.   Brent Banks  beat the “Neon Ninja” Façade and the debuting Pepper Parks (aka Impact Wrestling superstar, Braxton Sutter), in a three-way dance.

9.   In one of the most violent, intense, and insane brawls in C*4 history, Mathieu St. Jacques narrowly retained his C*4 Championship, against Evil UNO.

The match saw broken tables, broken chairs, broken rings, and 5000 thumbtacks, being used between both men, after Uno vowed to do whatever it took to win the C*4 Championship.

In the end, Mathieu St. Jacques forced Uno to submit to a Quebec Cloverleaf, while on top of a pile of thumbtacks, forcing Uno to slap his hand into the tacks to tap.

Both bruised and bloodied, St. Jacques and Uno shook hands following the match.   However, tension was still in the air, after the violent brawl.

With that, C*4 brings Season 9 to an end.   What a season it has been… Record crowds, new faces, incredible matches, and much more…

C*4 returns with its 10th season on Saturday, September 24th, 2016!  We’ll have more announcements concerning that big date later this summer.

As has been tradition, all eyes now turn to the most important night of the year for the Canadian wrestling scene, the sixth annual FIGHTING BACK: Wrestling with Cancer!   Details will be coming soon, however, as announced, we’re excited to welcome a member of a legendary pro wrestling dynasty, former WWE and WCW superstar, current AAA and Lucha Underground talent, Chavo Guerrero Jr.!
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« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2016, 02:56:35 AM »

Crossing the Line 9 was perhaps the best wrestling show I've ever been to, and that goes past the realm of C*4. From comedy to intergender matches, from a special surprise guest referee to the debut of a new title, from a heated grudge match to a technical classic, from staple guns to thumbtacks CTL9 had everything.

It's always very satisfying to watch that human filth Twiggy get his comeuppance,  throw Giant Tiger in there getting beat up with him and surprise referee Buxx Belmar and this was one of the most fun moments of the season. I enjoyed this rivalry and think it let both sides demonstrate their personalities very well.

When I heard that C*4 was introducing a new title I thought it would be an undercard title for some of the guys trying to break into the regular C*4 roster, I didn't realize that it would be competitive to the C*4 title in both star power and the match that the belt was fought over. Both Cecil Nyx and Viking have had incredible seasons and are two of the most over guys with the C*4 audience.

The match was amazing, I was honestly thinking that it could contend for match of the year but I didn't know what was still to come. Viking seems like a crazy person, after all he started this match by stapling himself, and will make for a VERY interesting first representative of the C*4 Underground Championship.

 Bailey vs Gresham was spectacular. At this point of the night this match was probably the best match of the year. I've seen Bailey go up against some great opponents but never one that seemed so custom made for him. I would love to see Gresham back fighting other C*4 regulars.

The main event was maybe the roughest C*4 title match I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot). Mathieu St. Jacques has had my favorite C*4 title reign ever and his match with Evil Uno was probably his most brutal defense yet, seeing both competitors take huge bumps into some rather large looking thumbtacks. I really hope these two aren't finished with each other, especially seeing there former tag team partners are now the tag team champions together.

Can't wait to see what surprises C*4 will bring next season. This past year has been (in my opinion) C*4's most exciting. Thanks for a terrific year.
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