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Author Topic: My 2015 C*4 "Year in Review" 2015  (Read 622 times)
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So it's time to write my C4 year in review, my favorite post of the year to write. It's also my longest so I might put it up as a two-parter, so if you are reading this it might be a good idea to grab some egg nog and get comfortable.

Show of the year: Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder had a little bit of everything and a lot of story behind almost every match. It had Suave vs Hawke in what ended up being a very fun match, Tariq & Greed vs Checkmate (the only time we would see the latter as a team this year), an amazing match with Bailey vs Tyson Dux and a match I'll be talking about later with Twiggy & MVP vs TDT. I don't imagine this show will get a lot of recognition as show of the year cause it was also the first show but it deserves it.

Other top shows: The Doom Generation
TDG had what I will give credit for match of the year (Bailey vs Busick 2 out of 3 falls) It also had Belmar winning the title back from Twiggy.
Battle Royale: This show had my favorite C4 title match of the entire year as the main event as well as some amazing returns such as Twiggy and O'Shea.

Wrestler of the Year: Mathieu St Jacques
St. Jacques had an incredible, nearly undefeated year in 2015. There wasn't a single show where he wasn't involved in a title match of some compacity and his only loss came immediately after a huge win over EYFBO and the SSB. Not to mention that his first and only title defense was one of my favorite C4 title matches in years.

Other top wrestlers: Buxx Belmar
Buxx Belmar was also one match away from having an undefeated year. He is the first (to my knowledge anyway) undefeated C4 champion and became (despite what Scotty O'Shea might claim) the 2nd two time C4 champion.
Mike Bailey: He frequently steals shows and had a huge year across North America including preforming in PWG and AAA and winning CZW's Best of the Best tournament. He would've been higher on my list but he wasn't here as much as he has been in the past.

Tag Team of the Year: TDT
When TDT beat the SSB and EYFBO at CTL8 I thought they may never lose again. However it was immediately after that they lost their tag team titles.

Other top Tag Teams: Cuts & Guts
This has been my favorite team to watch this year. They've really developed throughout 2015 and are ending the year with the belts. They also handed TDT their first loss in over a year and almost did it twice if not for an out of place referee.
Fight or Flight: This team had a big year in C4 going from being on the underground show from to fighting one on one for the C4 titles.

Match of the Year: Bailey vs Busick 2 out of 3 falls (The Doom Generation)
This was a great way to end a feud that started in C4 and went all over North America.

Other Top Matches: Mathieu St Jacques vs Scotty O'Shea (Battle Royale)
Franky vs Jaka (The Wild Bunch)

Moment of the Year: Twiggy/MVP & TDT fighting outside in -25° weather (Rolling Thunder)
Totally awesome and unforgettable. That whole match was crazy and went a long way making this show my show of the year.

Other Top Moments: Cuts and Guts beating TDT for the tag team titles (Crossing the line Cool
Pinky Sanchez turning heel and introducing team Pazuzu (The Wild Bunch)

Surprise of the Year: Mathieu St Jacques C4 title win (Only God Forgives)
I don't believe anyone saw that coming. This was a 10 man match and seriously St Jacques was about my 6th pick to win.

Other Top Surprises: The return of Twiggy (Battle Royale)
Vikings return to the ring
Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: TDT
These guys are just as over as single wrestlers as they were as a team. Which is really, really over.

Other Popular Wrestlers: Space Monkey
"Speedball" Mike Bailey.

Most Hated Scum: Cecil Nyx
By like a mile!!! The guy gets a C*?#?T? chant! I can't believe no one else has brought him up yet in this category. He's good at handling it and is becoming one of C4's top heels.

Other Hated Scum: MVP
No one likes him either. I hate me some MVP.
Vanessa Kraven: Guilty by association mostly.

Feud of the Year: Team Pazuzu vs C4
When Team Pazuzu jump onto the C4 scene they had the kind of impact comparable to the NWO. This feud headlined 4 shows this year.

Other top feuds: Banks vs Rukin
MVP vs Shayne Hawke

Most Improved Wrestler: Cecil Nyx
Cecil had to adapt from a tag team wrestler to a singles wrestler and did so very smoothly and with zero fan support. To me Cecil seems like a natural top contender to St Jacques, being as how hot he is as a bad guy and it's not like these two don't have a ton of history in C4.

Other Improved Wrestlers: Mathieu St Jacques
For a lot of the same reasons as Cecil Nyx.
Deeno: He's had some great matches this past year.

Rookie of the Year: Space Monkey
Popularity alone dictates the Space Monkey is the rookie of the year. He's had some huge wins over C4 main stays, and has looked impressive even in his losses
New Comer of the Year: Chris Dickenson
When he beat Mike Bailey in his debut my jaw hit the floor. He instantly became a huge part of the main event scene and was incredibly impressive through this year.

Other Top New Comers: Joey Janela
Janela has been undefeated in all 3 of his C4 matches this year, I believe he's the only wrestler to have a perfect win percentage in 2015.
The GOAT Brigade: They were great in both tag team and singles action.

Come Back of the Year: Viking
He hasn't really lost a step. Not only that but he can still take an awful lot of punishment. I hope Viking stays a big part of the C4 roster for awhile.

Other Top Come Backs: Twiggy
Scotty O'Shea (both at Battle Royale)

I would like to see more feuds and storylines, especially leading into Crossing the Line. The main event of CTL6 seemed like it was a year in the making. Not to mention that it was the 3rd C4 show in 6 weeks and was the second half of a double header with ISW. All this combined really gave CTL6 a huge show feel. So more shows and a summer double header would be the top 2 things I would like to see. Also I would love for Mathieu St Jacques to keep defending his belt in more no DQ matches. I think the Ronin rules stipulation helped both Josh Alexander and the C4 title hold the main event spot.

I predict that a lot of guys who were in the underground to have big years in 2016, particularly in the tag team division. C4 has lost a lot of their tag team muscle in 2015. (TDT, The Afterparty, Checkmate, Banks & Rukin are all former tag team champs) But luckily we've seen some pretty hot teams come up this year (GOAT Brigade, Fraternity, Fight or Flight, The Brotherhood)

Very good year. I feel like more emphasis was put on the C4 title towards the end of the year which I really like. I'm really hoping for a strong title run by St Jacques with some new title contenders.

I forgot about most inspirational wrestler of the year: Sebastian Suave. He has been wrestling in C4 since I started going and he was part of "The Authority" hanging out with then champion Stu Grayson. He spent most of this year working with younger, newer guys trying to break into C4 and had some great matches while doing so.

Other Inspirational Wrestlers:
Mathieu St JacquesThanks for taking the time to read this.
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