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Author Topic: C*4 “WORLD’S FINEST” – Official Results  (Read 1254 times)
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C*4 “WORLD’S FINEST” – Official Results
Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Adam B & Rahim Ali
Attendance: Standing Room Only
Referees: Bakais, Alex Hetfield

1.)The Afterparty (Cecil Nyx & Chaz Lovely) beat the debuting Team Decadence (Latin Dragon & “The Product” David Starr).

2.)“Superstar” Shayne Hawke won the first “Wild Card 4-Way”, defeating Alex Vega, Cheech and “Psycho” Mike Rollins.   
Prior to the start of the match, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea made his way to the ring, and told all participants that they did not deserve a shot at Mike Bailey’s C*4 Championship – and with Josh Alexander giving up his shot, only he deserved a rematch.  After insulting all participants, they turned and all ran him from the ring.

As the match progressed, O’Shea returned, this time with a keyboard in hand, and attempted to interfere in the match.   “Psycho” Mike managed to take the keyboard, and chase O’Shea back to the locker-room.
In the end, Shayne Hawke managed to overcome Cheech and Alex Vega, and secure himself a main event spot.

3.)  Alessandro Del Bruno narrowly overcame the much larger “MVP” Michael Von Payton and John Greed, in a “Wild Card 3-Way”, and won his place in the main event Championship 4-way.

Del Bruno shocked many in attendance with the win over the two much larger opponents, in this thrilling contest.

4.)  Ryan Rogan pinned Shane Sabre in a brief but intense match-up, between two new faces to the C*4 audience.

5.)  Checkmate (Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop) defeated 3.O (Shane Matthews & “Jagged” Scott Parker”), in a stellar match featuring two of the very best tag teams in C*4.

6.)  “Iron Lion” Sebastian Suave forced the debuting Shane Strickland to submit to a modified cobra-clutch.   Suave and Strickland both impressed the crowd, and pushed each other to the limit. 

Strickland was quickly accepted by the C*4 crowd, and wowed them many times with his unique athletic abilities throughout the match.

7.)  Twiggy made his way to the ring and proceeded to apologize for his actions over the last two seasons in C*4, such as his sexist comments, insults to the crowd, and overall lacking behaviour.   He went on to say he just wanted to “wrestle” and have some fun like the “old days”.

Twiggy proceeded to introduce a young man by the name of Brandon Slayer (previously seen in a C*4 pre-show match last season) as his opponent.

The two had a short, competitive bout, which saw Twiggy take the win cleanly.

Following the match, and a handshake in a seemingly display in good sportsmanship, Twiggy returned to the ring and proceeded to attack Slayer.  Twiggy pummeled and beat down the already defeated young man.   

After officials pulled Twiggy off of his assaulted opponent, he took the mic, and told fans, “I lied!”  He proceeded to insult all of them, and clearly set his sights on the C*4 Championship in the distant future.

8.)   In an outstanding and competitive contest between two of C*4’s most beloved tag teams, Champions, Rukin and Banks managed to retain their championships against The Super Smash Brothers.

The match felt it could have gone either way, but in the end Banks and Rukin managed to defeat Uno and Grayson, and keep their title.
Following the match, the senior official Bakais presented Banks and Rukin brand new Tag Team Championship belts.

9.)   In the main event of the evening, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea shocked the entire C*4 world, by walking out of the “Wild Card” Main Event, as the new C*4 Champion.

O’Shea won the contest after pinning Champion, “Speedball” Mike Bailey in a shocking turn of events, and also defeated “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, and Alessandro Del Bruno.

All four men gave it their all in a crazy brawl that went all over the venue.  Hawke and Del Bruno both stepped up their game, and were accepted by fans in the high-profile match.

The final moments of the match saw Bailey seemingly having the match one against O’Shea, when “Psycho” Mike Rollins stormed the ring, with Hacker’s keyboard still in his hand from earlier.   
In a moment of shock and confusion, Rollins charged Bailey, and knocked him unconscious with the keyboard – setting him up for O’Shea to take the pin.   Bailey, not ready to give-up, kicked out.   O’Shea and Rollins continued the two on one assault, until Rollins delivered a set of power bombs, and O’Shea hit the CTRL+Alt+Delete, and scored the 1-2-3.

O’Shea and Rollins celebrated the title win… and perhaps that of a “plan” coming together.

With the loss, Bailey loses any shot of a rematch against O’Shea – or any championship opportunity in Season 7.   Bailey, understandable upset, has not responded to C*4 management in regard to future appearances and dates. 

Meanwhile, new C*$ Champion, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea has promised comments shortly.   With the win, O’Shea has become the only 2X C*4 Champion in the title’s history.

Thank you to all of you who came out to help us kick-off Season 7 with an exciting night of C*4 action!

C*4 returns on Saturday November 9th, when we present SATURDAY NIGHT SLAMMASTERS VOL. 2 – when we return to FUNHAVEN (1050 Baxter Road) for a sure to be huge night of action.

Then on Saturday Nov. 23rd, C*4 returns to the Vanier Columbus Club (260 McArthur Ave), when we present our SIXTH ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR!  Details to come shortly!
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