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Author Topic: C*4 "Domination 2K12" Official Results  (Read 1408 times)
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C*4 “Domination 2K12” Official Results
Saturday March 10th, 2012
Knights of Columbus Hall
Ottawa, Ontario

Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Adam B
Attendance:  275+
Referees:  Bakais, Ben, TJ Wylie

Card Subject to Change:  Franky the Mobster, Jay Freddie

Dark matches
Rush & Chris Cruz beat Pat Skillz & Billy Gibson
Marcus Marquez pinned Lucky Sabiti

The show
1)   Sebastian Suave defeated Sexxxy Eddy in a highly entertaining match up.  In what would be a common theme during the night, Selezyia Sparx was active during the match, and got involved in the action several times.   In the end, Suave walked away victorious, and started the trend of Authority dominance.

2)   In an insanity filled match-up, C*4 Tag Team Champions, Chris Bishop and Lionel Knight retained their title, against their opponents.  Checkmate used their tag team expertise to beat the tandems of Alex Vega & Johnny Wave, The Afterparty, and 3.O.  During the match, the ring post connection to the top rope snapped – yet despite this, all eight men gave it every thing they had, and dazzled the crowd.

3)   Twiggy shockingly forced Addy Starr to submit to a figure-four leg-lock in a heated grudge match.  Twiggy shocked many in attendance by sporting a different outfit (a zubaz & bodysuit combination) – and new entrance music.  Perhaps most shocking of all was his proclamation after the match that he was now recognized as the “Inter-Gender Champion of the World”.   He then proceeded to challenge all women in the audience to face him.    Truly making a declaration of his intentions to the C*4 audience – when he told a member of the crowd, “I don’t want to fight you, I want to fight your girlfriend!”.

4)   Prior to the next match, “MVP” Michael Von Payton informed the crowd that Franky the Mobster wasn’t there, and for one night only, he would “re-open the MVP invitational.   In a shocking Ottawa-debut, Darkko pinned Von Payton, following a choke- slam off the top rope, after Rahim Ali distracted MVP on the outside.

5)   Mere moments into the “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and “Ronin” Josh Alexander match-up, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, stormed the ring and attacked both men.  He stated on the mic, that as the best wrestler in Canada, he obviously takes the rising star status of both men as a threat – and since his opponent couldn’t be there, he challenged both to a three-way dance. 

In a highly competitive match-up, Josh Alexander, seized his opportunity and won the match – managing to knock Steen unconscious and knocking him out of the ring – before nailing Elgin with a series of roaring elbows, before pinning him.

After the match, Elgin thanked C*4 fans for their support over the years, and told them to keep their eyes on Josh Alexander.  As Elgin left the ring, the fans rose to their feet, and slapped the canvas to support Alexander.

As Alexander enjoyed his moment of glory, Selezyia Sparx (who had been watching the match from the entrance area), informed Josh that she was there to invite him to join The Authority on behalf of Stu Grayson.

Alexander responded and stated that he had “already” done the group thing, having both stood along side Mike Rollins in The Warriors, and more recently as a member of The NBA with MVP and Rahim Ali. He  respectfully declined the offer. 

Taking this as an insult, Selezyia slapped Alexander three times, before the “Ronin” lost his patience and grabbed Sparx, setting her up for his double-underhook piledriver.  Before he could complete the move, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois ran to the ring, along with Sebastian Suave, and attacked Alexander.  The trio mercilessly beat up Alexander for several moments before Player Uno & “Speedball” Mike Bailey stormed the ring, and fought off the trio.  Which lead to our next match…

6)   The Authority team of Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Player Uno, in a hard hitting, back and forth tag team match.  It was clear throughout the match that Uno was becoming more and more frustrated with St. Jacques & Dubois bending of the rules.  Obvious as well is Uno’s frustrations towards The Authority as well.   In the end, Dubois and St. Jacques managed to score a pinfall, with a handful of tights.

After the match, Uno lost his temper and attacked St. Jacques.  Ignoring senior official Bakias warning’s to back-off, Uno was threatened with a suspension if he didn’t back off.  A moment later and a continued shuffle between all four men, saw Uno accidentally punching Bakais in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Bailey and other officials helped Bakais to the back, while Dubois and St. Jacques were obviously pleased in what hey had accomplished.

Prior to the start of the next match, “MVP” Michael Von Payton came to the ring and told C*4 fans that it was obvious that Rahim Ali wasn’t going to stop targeting him.  Von Payton declared that he had tried to warn Ali to retire, but Ali refused to listen – and on April 21st, that he wanted it to end.  Von Payton challenged Ali to a retirement match.

Rahim Ali came to the ring, and accepted the challenge.  Von Payton and Ali shook hands.  In a shocking moment, MVP attempted to attack Ali only to see Ali counter, and drop MVP on his head.  Ali took the mic and informed the crowd and MVP that he was medically cleared to wrestle, and ready for April 21st.

7)   In the Main Event, C*4 Champion, “The Emperor” Stu Grayson narrowly managed to retain his belt, outlasting “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea, Jae Rukin,, and “The AllStarter” Brent B.

All four men gave it everything they had – and then some, in their attempt to take the C*4 strap away from Grayson.  However, a miscue on the part of the referee and the four combatant,s left the referee knocked out, and chaos looked to reign.   In this instance, The Authority reared their ugly head, and assisted Grayson in his championship conquest. 

Mid-way through the match, St. Jacques and Dubois came from the back and focused their attentions on distracting Rukin and Brent B – and soon focused on assaulting Rukin & Brent, allowing Stu to focus on O’Shea.

O’Shea managed to rally and have Stu on the run, until Sebastian Suave headed to the ring, looking to distract him.  The resilient ‘Hacker’ countered and dropkicked Suave off the apron.  And, in a shocking moment, Player Uno ran from the back, and levelled Grayson, assiting in O’Shea getting the upper hand.  With the fans on their feet, O’Shea nailed his Ctrl-Alt-Delete finishing move, and went for the pin.  Once again, however, Grayson managed to kick out.  O’Shea continued to fight, but Grayson managed to lock in his dragon sleeper, and a few moments later, Scotty tapped out.

The night ended with The Authority claiming victory, and Grayson surviving the deck stacked against him.

C*4 would like to thank all of our fans for coming out to last night’s huge event.  We apologize for the delay when the ring was being repaired – and thank all of you for sticking with us through it.

We return on Saturday April 21st, when we present “Triumph 2012”.  Already announced is a "Retirement match" between Rahim Ali and “MVP” Michael Von Payton!

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