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« on: March 02, 2012, 06:25:19 PM »

After wrestling for the number of years I have I rarely get pumped up for matches anymore. Not that I don't love wrestling like I used to but there just aren't many people that I haven't been in the ring with so it feels like the same old thing most nights. Well that's not the case concerning my match March 10th.

After wrestling in many of the same promotions for well over a decade one would think that Franky the Mobster and I would have wrestled each other dozens of times. Well that certainly isn't the case and until last year at a C4 event in Montreal we'd never wrestled each other at all.

I'd like to boast a win in that match but it wasn't to be. I fell victim to Mike Bailey who was the third man in that match with Franky.  On top of it all Twiggy interfered causing my demise.
In the brief few instances that Franky and I got our hands on each other I could quickly tell that that man is the real deal. Take one look at him and you'll no doubt feel the same way.  He's got a physique that'll put most superheroes to shame and the strength to go with it.

But I realized something else in that match. I realized that if I had Franky in a One on One setting, without the distraction of a run in or a 3rd man in the ring, I'd have a legit shot at beating him. Given that I have as much experience as him and am easily a much more technical wrestler (or at least I was) than him, one would think I have the ability to wear him down enough to submit him or score a quick pinfall.

I've been to two WWE tryouts with the man and seen him wrestle countless times in multiple promotions against the best that this industry has to offer but it wasn't until I got into the ring with him that I saw how easily distracted he can become.  A trait I am usually guilty of myself.
It’s obvious to beat Frankie that I'll need to get my shit together and focus like I haven't in quite some time, luckily I'm up to the task. A win over a wrestler like Franky after the season I've had is much needed and it’s just the thing I need to get me back on track to where I want to be... In the C*4 title hunt!

But March 10th is still to come and right now I want to address a situation I've been dealing with for the last several months.

It has now been two months since I injured my friend Rahim Ali and until now I’ve never opened up about why I did so. It’s time to get it all out in the open. Why am I writing a letter for the C*4 website?

Well for the two months since I hurt him I’ve called him, emailed him, texted him, and even showed up at his house… But he won’t give me the time of day.  Yet, he’ll show up at an event in Montreal and cause me to lose my match.  He brings a chair to ring side and the look in his eye told me he definitely wanted to hit me with it.  He cursed me out pretty good on his way out of the building too.  I know he’s hurt by what I’ve done physically and mentally as am I but if he won’t give me the time of day to explain then maybe someone else will be able to get this message to him, if he’s willing to listen.  If only he knew where I was coming from I think we can move past it.

He needs to know.

I apologize if this is a bit of a long and maybe scattered read but I feel to know why this is such a big problem between us you need to know our story , so here’s the Coles Notes version.

To start we’ll have to rewind to about seven years ago when I was an assistant trainer for the Hull based wrestling promotion known as CPW. This is where I met and helped to train some of the regions best and most talented wrestlers, Rahim Ali was one of those people. Ali had just moved to the area to continue his University education after having studied for a short time in India.  He, like many other wrestling fans in the region heard about this little independent promotion making big news locally. They routinely drew at least 250-300 fans to their bi-monthly shows and often well over 400.  He was quick to contact them and get on board as a crew member, doing whatever was asked of him at the time.  He truly got in at the bottom and was willing to work for nothing more than the exposure to the product, especially knowing that his shot to get trained was only a few months away when the next class would open up at the wrestling school. He most certainly proved that he was worth a spot in the class with his hard work and willingness to do anything asked of him.

Despite having seen Ali at every event, we were both too busy to ever talk so other than exchanging pleasantries we never spoke or got to know each other until he began his training.  Although I was the assistant trainer I did most of the in ring work with the students so let’s just say I got to see who had it and who just plain sucked!  Believe me when I say I’ve seen plenty of both.  Ali was definitely one of those guys that worked hard and had the drive and determination that only a few others really had.  He was the only person that never missed a class.  I’ve heard so many ridiculous excuses for why a student did miss or would miss class that I couldn’t even care about those people by the end of their sessions as I knew they would never amount to anything, even at a local level.  So I focused on Ali, who was the only one who showed he wanted it in his class. He was the only one who had the ability to juggle everything perfectly and his ability to always show up is what made me respect him so much during those early days.  That’s when I offered to drive him home after each class, which was 3 times a week.   I figured anyone who went to the lengths he did to get to wrestling training deserved that at least.  It was in those car rides that we really got to know each other as people and I saw a great person in him, a person who would quickly become one of my very best friends in and out of wrestling and eventually become a member of my extended family (stay with me and we‘ll get to it).  That’s why looking back at it all now I wished I never trained him and filled his head with the poisonous concepts that I did.

With the student teacher relationship comes a great deal of trust.  You trust that your teacher will guide you to the best of their judgment and abilities. 

I failed him before he even had his first match!

He did everything I trained him to do, excelling the whole time and never said a word. Several times he was held back to allow others to catch up and he never complained he never said a damn word.  That’s just the type of guy he was.  Instead he just chalked it up to cementing the knowledge he already had. 

He quickly became a very technically proficient wrestler and he needed to get some matches and fast, he was more than ready.  I made contact with a promoter seven hours away who I was going to do a three-show weekend with, and he agreed to give Ali a spot based on my recommendations. 

The first match he fractured his jaw when a wrestler with 10 times the experience clotheslined him in the face. 

Ali didn’t complain - he knew the rule was to go unless you physically can’t. And so he did.  He took that all too familiar combo of Advil and ice and set off for two more matches which actually turned into wrestling twice on one of those shows. 

So in his first trip he got four matches on three shows and a newly acquired jaw problem that still exists to this day. Just part of the job right?

That was just the first of many injuries, elbow, back (multiple times), wrist, ankle cuts bruises galore.  He hurt himself and always took it in stride because that’s how you handle things as a wrestler or so I told him.

The way I was trained, wrestlers are just supposed to deal with the pain and go on as if nothing is wrong.

What a stupid fucked up mentality.

I was always told that if you can wrestle through it to do so.  It was seen as a sign of how tough of a man you were.  Generations of wrestlers before me would wrestle as long as they could stand and walk to the ring.   There are still a few out there with this mentality (dumb, I know).  Many veteran wrestlers during my early days developed a respect for me, for wrestling the week after I was dropped on my head and chipped two vertebrae in my neck. 

Those same wrestlers thought I was crazy and gave me my due when I showed up to teach a class four days after knee surgery.   My actions showed the veterans and the people in charge that I really loved wrestling and would do anything to be there for them and their promotion.

They repaid my dedication with better opponents, title shots, and main event spots.  Basically they made me one of their go-to guys.

All these years later I’m sure I still have their respect.   

I also have a knee that will need to be fixed again as well as a neck and two shoulders that need procedures done to them.

What great teachings I received when I was in wrestling school right?

Well I passed that same bullshit along so I’m no better than anyone else who came before me.

Now every day for the rest of his life Ali’s going to live with certain aches and pains because of those teachings, and I won’t allow it to go on any further.  You see the last few years we’ve grown too close for me to let him to continue destroying his body. We’ve gone from being friends to basically family.  He’s literally the closest thing to a brother I have. We’ve gotten to know each others’ family very well.  His parents feel like a second set of parents to me.  My wife and his wife get along incredibly well and I love her dearly as well. When my wife and I had our daughter Ai & his wife were the first people we had in mind to become her god parents, a role they gladly accepted and cherished. 

Now you tell me what type of human being I would be if I would let my best friend, my brother, my daughter’s Godfather to continue breaking his own body down for nothing more than the applause of the crowd and an independent wrestlers paycheck.

I’ll tell you what that makes me, an enabler.

I gave him the tools to do this. I gave him the same instructions and guidance I was given to do this.  I physically took him on the road with me and put him in the ring.  On most occasions I was the one giving him medicine to relieve the pain after a match.  I never thought I’d be that type of guy. 

I wouldn’t give an alcoholic liquor. I wouldn’t put a drunk behind the wheel of the car and say “it’s ok, you know how to drive and you know the way home.”

So why the hell would I let Ali back in the ring, the place that‘s literally tearing his body apart?

He’s addicted to wrestling and I just stood by and allowed it to happen. He’s already been carried out of the ring on a stretcher once and luckily was ok after a few weeks but he didn’t listen to the doctor who told him he needs to stop for a while.

He won’t listen to me because I made the same mistakes and kept going and am still going.  It’s too late for me.  I’m addicted too and no one’s intervened for me. I love Ali too much to let this go on any further.

This whole thing began with me and it has to end with me.

Please understand.

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« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2012, 06:48:38 PM »

Saturday March 10th, 2012
C*4: Capital City Championship Combat
Knights of Columbus Hall
260 McArthur Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

VIP Tickets $20 – Doors at 7PM
(Includes First Choice Seating and a bonus match!)
Advance Tickets available NOW at the venue

General Admission Tickets $15 – Doors at 7:30pm
Show stars at 8:00pm
Event is all ages - Alcohol sales with valid ID.

Stay up to date with all of C*4’s recent news, and event info by visiting

The Card so far:

Main Event
Four-Corner Match
C*4 Champion

“The Emperor” Stu Grayson
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea
Jae Rukin
“The All-Starter” Brent B

Grudge Tag Team Match
“Speedball” Mike Bailey & Player Uno
Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois

First Time Ever!
Frankie the Mobster
“MVP” Michael Von Payton

Singles Showdown
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
“Ronin” Josh Alexander

Special Challenge
Sebastian Suave
(w/ Seleziya Sparx)
Sexxxy Eddy
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2012, 08:26:42 PM »

This letter is nothing short of brilliant!

(Speaking out of kayfabe), it would only be a matter of time before some knowledgeable fans would discuss at shows how MVP and Rahim are really good friends in real life and the godparents thing (just as some fans drew heat over discussing masked wrestlers true identity)

Yep, we can officially acknowledge that these guys are so close in real life they are practically brothers - nothing hotter than a brother vs brother feud  Wink
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