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Author Topic: C*4 "ONLY GOD FORGIVES" - Official Results and Fan Feedback thread  (Read 1041 times)
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C*4 presents “ONLY GOD FORGIVES” – Official Results
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Ottawa, Ontario

Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Adam B & Chaz Lovely

*  Adam Sky pinned Mike Gibson

Main Card
1.  “MVP” Michael Von Payton & Vanessa Kraven defeated Generation Kill (Brandon O’Conner & Matt Novak).

2.  Space Monkey scored a surprising upset win over Sebastian Suave.  The unorthodox young competitor continues to gain momentum in the promotion.

3. Cecil Nyx narrowly scored a win in a 4-Corner Match, pinning his former partner “Mr.” Johnathan Rukin.   Nyx took the opportunistic win, after Rukin had been taken out by Evan Adams with a Spiral Tap from the top rope, after knocking out Adams, and making the pin himself.  

The match also saw the C*4 debut of Velvet Jones, who won over many fans in attendance.

4.  In an absolutely wild and brutal match-up, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela defeated the returning VIKING.  In his first match back in the ring in over seven years, VIKING proved he had not missed a step.  Both men dealt out a tremendous amount of punishment to one another in the very brief, but intense brawl.  

The end came soon after Janela power-bombed Viking across two back-to-back standing steel chairs, and then delivered a double-stomp from the top rope onto Viking, buried under several chairs.

5.  In a very intense, and competitive match, Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo) came up short in their challenge for the C*4 Tag Team Championships, against Cuts n’ Guts (Tarik and John Greed).

6.  2 Cold Scorpio beat Brent Banks, in a fast-paced, scientific contest.  Banks looked to have Scorpio beat several times, but the well-travelled veteran managed to pull out the win.

7. In a 45 minute classic, Mathieu St. Jacques outlasted nine other men (teammates Thomas Dubois, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, The Super Smash Brothers, and opponents Chris Dickinson, Pinkie Sanchez, EYFBO and JAKA), last defeating Pinkie Sanchez with a Texas Cloverleaf, to win the vacant C*4 Championship.  In doing so, St. Jacques became the 10th ever, C*4 Champion.

The order of elimination saw Player Uno taken out first.  Following his elimination, he took his frustrations out on a referee, and left him unconscious.

Next eliminated was Dubois, by a combination of teamwork by various members of Team PAZUZU.

At this point, the remaining team of St. Jacques, Stu Grayson and Bailey finally got on the same page, and rallied back to eliminate both members of EYFBO.

Moments later, continuing their momentum, St. Jacques forced JAKA to submit to a Texas Cloverleaf.

Moments later, while both were legal men; “Speedball” Mike Bailey squared off with Chris Dickinson, in a very physical back and forth.  Bailey managed to knock out Dickinson with a vicious Shooting-Star-Knee-Drop, and pinned him.  

Taking advantage of the moment, Sanchez delivered a huge double-stomp to Bailey, and knocked-him down long enough to score a pin.

With the final two men left, Sanchez and St. Jacques went at it.  At many moments it could have gone either way.  However, in the end, it was St. Jacques who locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, and forced an exhausted Sanchez to tap-out.

Joined by Mike Bailey and Thomas Dubois, St. Jacques celebrated the win, with a thunderous crowd reaction.

C*4 would like to thank all of you who came out to support us on our huge Season 9 premiere!

Don’t forget, our next event is Saturday November 28th, 2015, as we celebrate our 8th Anniversary!  Tickets and match information will be released in the coming weeks!

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