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1  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / C4 alumni/special guests on: March 24, 2015, 11:45:52 PM
-21st Century Fox
-Aaron Epic
-Abe Jackson
-Adam Cole
-Addy Starr
-Alessandro Del Bruno
-Alex Balboa
-Alex Miller
-Alex Silva
-Angel Ortiz
-Archibald Peck
-Ashley Sixx
-Bastian Coone
-Beef Wellington
-Big Van Voltage(RIP)
-Bill Carr
-Billy Gibson
-Black Serpent
-BLK Jeez
-Brad Martin
-Bradford Montague
-Brandon Model
-Brian Fury
-Brodie Lee
-Buck Gunderson
-Channing Decker
-Cherry Bomb
-Chris Cruze
-Chris Dickinson
-Chris Hero
-Chuck Taylor
-Claudio Castagnoli
-Colby Corino
-Colin Delaney
-Colt Cabana
-Corey Mason
-Crimson X
-Dalton Castle
-Damien Vachon
-Dan Barry
-Dan Paysan
-Dash Bison
-Dasher Hatfield
-Dave Titan
-Davey Richards
-David Starr
-Derric Hamilton
-Drew Gulak
-Eddie Edwards
-Eddie Kingston
-Eddie Osbourne
-El Generico
-El Sombra
-Ernest Montgomery O'Keefe
-Ethan Page
-Fire Ant
-Firemask 7
-Flip D Burger
-Flip Kendrick
-Franky The Mobster
-Gran Akuma
-Green Phantom
-Greg Excellent
-Gremlin 2
-HC Ryder
-Ivan Sullivan
-Izzie Deadyet
-Jagger Milles
-James Kraven
-James Stone
-Jay Phenomenon
-Jeremy Barnoff
-Jewelles Malone
-Jimmy Garvouche
-Jimmy Jacobs
-Jodi D'Milo
-Joe Gacy
-Johnny Devine
-Johnny Wave
-Jolly Roger
-Josh Alexander
-JT Dunn
-Kenny The Bastard
-Kevin Brien
-Kevin Steen
-Kimber Lee
-Kobra Kai
-Kris Chambers
-Larry Sweeney(RIP)
-Latin Dragon
-Leon Saver
-Le Prince Kiol
-Leon St Giovanni
-Lex Lerman
-Louis Lyndon
-Lucky Sabiti
-Manabu Soya
-Marc Mercer
-Marcus Marquez
-Mario Bryant
-Marko Estrada
-Marvelous Jeff
-Mary Lee Rose
-Marty Michaels
-Matt Burns
-Max Boyer
-Maximus Primal
-Michael Elgin
-Michael Style
-Mike Alias
-Mike Draztik
-Mike Maniacal
-Mike Rollins
-Mike Shaw
-Misty Haven
-Myzery The Barbarian
-Nick Watts
-Nikki Roxx
-Pat Skilzz
-Pee Wee
-Petey Williams
-Phil Atlas
-Portia Perez
-Preston Myles
-Rahim Ali
-Ricky Reyes
-Rip Impact
-Ryan Rogan
-Sara Del Rey
-Seleziya Sparx
-Shane Strickland
-Shooter Storm
-Soldier Ant
-Sonjay Dutt
-Steve Corino
-Stew Korvus
-Stinky The Homeless Guy(RIP)
-Surfer Mitch
-Surgar Dunkerton
-Tanya Lee
-The Rush
-The Bee Machine
-Tim Donst
-Tomassio Ciampa
-Travis Toxxic
-Tyler Logan
-Ultramantis Black
-Urban Miles
-Vin Gerard
-Wesley Pipes
-Will White
-Xandra Bale
-Yves Drouin
-Zach Storm
-Zack Sparrow
2  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Who can truly be The Warriors. on: April 30, 2014, 06:44:49 AM
In just a few days, C4 Wrestling will be present an event called "The Warriors." Now while I could sit here and type an entire write up about how awesome it is to be working an event named after one of my favourite movies,I took to typing this for another reason.

A few days ago while scrolling through Facebook I saw multiple posts and updates for "The Warriors." and with them several positive comments about the announcements,card, etc, but one comment stood out to me. A comment by a buddy of mine Mr.Bobby Virtue(I'm giving you a second to mark out Bobby.) In his comment Bobby mentioned something along the lines of wishing the late Michael "Llakor"Ryan was still with us to do one of his stellar write ups promoting the card and its importance. And to be honest that stuck with me, it has been over a year since the passing of Llakor, it still gives me chills thinking about being at that Battlewar where the question that was asked multiple times was "Where's Llakor?". But my goal isn't to depress here, my goal is to take a try myself at trying to do what Llakor perfected, that was writing a decent write up to promote this upcoming card. I know I will not be able to top the master, but I'll try to produce a piece that hopefully he would have liked.

This past season has been a banner year for C4 wrestling. While I have had my frustrations,my disagreements with management and my insecurities during this past season, I have been to be honest overwhelmed with pride of being apart of this company. I have been a fan since the very first show, I have seen C4 go from no one in the crowd, to today where people have had to be turned away. To me it's just amazing that a fed that had so many trials and tribulations has been able to put on a show that can entertain such a wide and diverse group of people. Even more so I have just been amazed by how the strong the community of wrestling is truly, how even the most established names in the company will do such tasks as set up and tear down the ring,set up chairs etc, I have seen how excited wrestlers get just being in the venue and being able to perform infront of one of the best wrestling crowds in Ontario. And I've just felt that buzz, that energy still strong even after the venue has emptied. To me C4 has become something important, like I said sometimes I have my criticisms, but at the end of the night there is always that pride and that rush, and that want to do it all over again.

When I look at this card for this Saturday, I don't just see another wrestling show, I see a collection of some of the best talent that can be offered from Toronto,the US indy scene,Quebec, even right here in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, I see guys that are making waves and guys who have already made waves that are just getting bigger and bigger. You can look at this card and instantly point out the big drawing factor that is "The return of Kevin Steen." but there's so much more to see, there's guys like Buxx Belmar,TDT and Mike Bailey who are breaking through borders displaying their sheer talent to one of the crowds that helped them get recognized. There's guys like Dan Barry who have travelled around the indy scene for years fine tuning his craft and helping to mold the future generations of indy wrestler. There's Bill Carr who once upon a time was part of WWE developemental, and even though he didn't make it to Raw or Smackdown, he didn't pack it up and call it quits, he kept wrestling and he kept having that love of the business. Then you have guys like the Super Smash Brothers,Jae Rukin,Chaz Lovely,Cecil Nix, the home town wrestlers who prove that Ottawa/Gatineau has just a strong an indy scene as any other area. You have wrestlers coming from the US to see what the buzz is about, ofcourse seeing a guy like Kevin Steen can be considered the cherry on top, for me I see this entire card as a mix of flavour that will please everyone.

 But seeing as it is one of the "marquee" matches of the card, I figure I'll shed some light on it.Three and a half years ago I sat at that commentary table and I called my first show, apart of that show was the first even meeting in C4 of Mike Bailey vs Kevin Steen, Mike Bailey in my honest opinion was made that night. Taking a vicious beating like what Bailey did was a star making performance. I've watched the match a few times on youtube, and every time I watch it, it's just as intense and as emotional as it was the night sitting there live in the Vanier Colombus Club. But since that time Mike Bailey has grown leaps and bounds, some may say that Mike Bailey owes Kevin Steen his success in C4, but the "Speedball" has busted his ass every time he has been out there, I've often referred to Mike Bailey as C4's "RVD", not saying Mike Bailey is pothead(not going to speculate) but more so back in the old days of ECW, RVD's matches were always something that was considered a league of their own. Not knocking the other wrestlers in C4, but Mike Bailey's matches always feel like something completely on another level no matter who he's wrestling. But as much as I can talk about how Mike Bailey has elevated his stock, Kevin Steen has catapulted himself in that time since that first singles meeting. ROH,PWG,2CW,AAW World Heavyweight Champion, matches against some of the best on the indy scene, matches against icons like Masato Tanaka,Tommy Dreamer, the list goes on and on. Kevin Steen is one of the best exports from the Canadian indy scene in quite some time, to have him back in C4 wether it be on a full time basis or just a one off is truly an honor.  Many fans who were around during that time will say that Kevin Steen was one of the wrestlers who helped build the foundation, but as greener pastures soon were on the horizon his appearances grew less and less, allowing wrestlers like Mike Bailey to stand in the spot light and get their due. And while Bailey's star continues to shine in C4, he is starting to blaze through those borders just like Steen did many years ago. One can look at this match as the old guard versus the new guard, the best wrestler from C4's past battling the best wrestler of C4's present. This match is hands down one of the most anticpated matches of this season I do believe that match will definatley tear the house down but by no means do I see this as a one show card.

 Suave vs Peck,TDT vs (Team) Tremendous Investigations,O'Shea vs Hawke vs Sanchez vs ?, a killer tag team gauntlet,Belmar vs Dickinson, from top to bottom this show feels like a display of some of the best indy wrestling has to offer.

Wether you know indy wrestling, or just like to get drunk with your friends and watch guys in weird costumes smack the crap out of each other, the support from you the C4 fanbase has been simply incredible.At the last show a regular fan said to me while in the line up for the bar saying. "I remember when the number of the people in line was the crowd size, now you can barely move." I do remember those days,I do remember those small crowds, but I remember mostly that crowd growing and growing, sure we've lost some fans along the way for whatever reason, but we've gained so many, and hopefully gain even more(cliche I know.), and hopefully someday we get those fans who might have stopped coming to shows back.People have buzzed and buzzed about new venues, but I'm not sure if I would like to see a new venue, to me the VCC is C4's home, and that home has been witness to so many memories, to leave it would be like leaving your most faithful of wife. But that's another issue for another time.

So in conclusion, wether your there for Kevin Steen,Mike Bailey, SSB, hell even if your there for your buddy who's in the undercard, Saturday will see another great night of action, and another highlight in what's been an amazing year, and having you apart of it, makes it even more dynamic. "The Warriors" isn't just the name of the show, it can be looked at as the proper description for the men(or women) who step into that ring and push their bodies for you, wether C4 Champion,C4 Tag Team Champion, established talent, newcomer, these wrestlers will push themselves just a little harder to put on the show that has made C4 the fed that it is. But to me I consider so many others to be "Warriors" to the ring crew who set up,secure and take down the ring, to the fans who trek from long distances to be apart of one of the best crowds in Ontario indy wrestling, to those people who hear that indy wrestling is not a social norm but still rally together to fight that disrespect,and don't care if their criticized for liking wrestler, its all worth it to come together to enjoy and help maintain the energy and the drive of the industry. We can all be considered "Warriors" for wanting to fight the good fight and put on one of the best shows you'll see in the Ontario area and supporting the sport that means so much to us.

 Thanks for reading everybody, Llakor I hope I did you proud brother.

-Adam B
3  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 BEST OF 2013 on: December 12, 2013, 04:28:27 PM
Figured I'd take part....

Show of the Year:Crossing The Line 6(Jaka vs Tremont,Tag Team Scramble and O'Shea vs Bailey vs Alexander are absolute stand outs. Throw in a pretty stellar undercard and you get one of the best events of the year.)

Wrestler of the Year:Mike Bailey(Mike Bailey had more amazing matches then anyone else this year. Wether it was Bailey vs Elgin,Bailey vs O'Shea or the recent Bailey vs Rollins match in November, Speedball in the ring is guaranteed to be memorable.)

Tag Team of the Year:Tabarnak De Team(For guys who are suppossed to be the "Bad guys" TDT gets bigger and bigger reactions every time they step into a ring. Their roughneck style and aura in the ring makes this team stand out then any other team on the C4 roster.)

Match of the Year:Mike Bailey vs Michael Elgin

Moment of the Year:Watching the fans rush the ring when Bailey won the title.

Surprise of the Year:Both of Scotty O'Shea's title wins.

Feud of the Year:Bailey/O'Shea

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year:Mike Bailey

Most Hated Wrestler of the Year:Scotty O'Shea

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year:

Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year:Jae Rukin (The man has been with C4 since the start and has had ups and downs but really shined this year and managed to score the biggest title win in his career at COTL 6 and continues to defend that title.)

Rookie / Newcomer of the Year:Pinkie Sanchez(From his first appearance earlier this year Pinkie Sanchez has been one of the most popular wrestlers in C4.)

Comeback of the Year:Jae Rukin

What do you hope for in 2014?:Fans getting bigger, and fans getting along.

What do you predict for 2014?:C4 continuing to grow and getting even more recognition from the indy wrestling world.

Over all 2013 feedback?:2013 was a great year that saw C4 hit even bigger heights. Hopefully it continues to 2014 and beyond.

4  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Re: C*4 Guy @ PWG BOLA 2013 on: November 06, 2013, 07:22:50 PM
I would give you a very descriptive response Mr.Patriot, but seeing as I always wanted to put a face to the name I will request you find me this Saturday at SNSM's 2 at Funhaven(cheap plug) and I will give you all the details on how incredibly unreal it is to be at a PWG event.
5  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 "WORLD'S FINEST" - MOTN Poll and Feedback Thread on: October 02, 2013, 02:15:34 PM
Extremelly well put.

While I understand how people could have issues/concerns about fan conduct(Believe me I do aswell). Boycotting C4 for it, is really not a fair choice to make. If changes are guarateed,I would not doubt believe that C4 management/staff is going to to make sure it happens to enjoy a great show for everyone and prevent issues like this from happening again.

-Adam B
6  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Re: Ryback on: March 27, 2013, 07:07:10 PM
I thought at first this was going to be a "Bring In" thread...joke is still awful though Smiley
7  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: Best of C*4 2012 on: December 13, 2012, 03:04:38 AM
Show of the Year:FIVE(Alot of good shows this year, but this one was the absolute shit from top to bottom.)

Wrestler of the Year:Josh Alexander(Once upon a time he was only known as "Psycho" Mike's partner, now he's the C4 Champion. Funny how hard work pays off eh?)

Tag Team of the Year:Checkmate(Some of the best matches in C4 were tag team matches and for most of them it was Checkmate successfully defending the C4 tag team cup)

Match of the Year:MVP vs Rahim Ali(This was a hard one, but this match had so much going into it. Two of the best and at times underappreaciated members of the C4 roster going toe to toe and giving one of the most entertaining,emotional roller coaster matches of the year.)

Moment of the Year:The crowd reaction when Alexander defeated Stu Grayson for the C4 title(One of those moments when you can look back and see how much C4 means to the fans by the reaction of this match.)

Surprise of the Year:Vanessa Kraven returning to wrestling to battle Twiggy

Feud of the Year:C4 roster vs The Authority(So much behind this feud, so many clashes it

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year:Mike Bailey(Bailey was a close pick for wrestler of the year aswell just getting etched up by the champ. But his popularity is almost unmatched in C4 and deservedly so.)

Most Hated Wrestler of the Year:Stu Grayson(The Emperor reigned supreme for so long that fans were chewing at the bit to see him go down. Stu showed alot of personality during his run and it paid off greatly for him.)

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year:Thomas Dubois(When I first saw I wasn't really impressed and might have written him off. But 2012 saw Thomas Dubois make an impact as part of the Authority and one half of the power house Quebecois wrecking crew Tabaranak De Team he definatley stepped up his game and the accolades in Ontario and Quebec are well deserved.)

Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year:Jagger Milles(Any man who suffers a nasty gash across the head and is a bloody mess but still keeps wrestling like nothing happened deserves this nod. This shows how much a "wrestler" not a "sports entertainer" puts into providing a good show.)

Rookie / Newcomer of the Year:Buxx Belmar(2012 began no one knew who he was, 2012 ends and everyone knows who he is, how can you disagree with that?)

Comeback of the Year:Jagger Milles(Little do people know that Jagger Milles took a long sabbatical from wrestling. And by the great series of matches he's put on who could have known?)

What do you hope for in 2013?
-Bigger crowds and a stronger fan base
-C4 to get more respect from the indy wrestling community
-Some certain names who haven't been in the nations capital to make their way in(*cough*Sami Callihan*cough*)
-More appearances of the Twiggy Circle Of Champions
-Twiggy to get what's coming to him

What do you predict for 2013?
-A bigger and better year like always

Over all 2012 feedback
-Alot of ups and some downs, but C4 prevailed yet again. DVD production is coming along(give us some time people), crowds are getting bigger, in ring product is fast paced and action packed. 2012 was probably one of the best years the company has had and 2013 is looking really bright.
8  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: Wrestlers You'd Like 2 See Come 2 Or Return 2 C4? on: July 02, 2012, 04:46:44 PM
Apparently from what I understand they "impressed" at the last TNA gutcheck in Oshawa, for what that's worth....
9  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: Wrestlers You'd Like 2 See Come 2 Or Return 2 C4? on: June 27, 2012, 10:24:27 PM
Also he's years past his prime and would be to expensive to fly in, but I would love to see Super Dragon in C4 just to see how he'd "interact" with the C4 crowd
10  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: Wrestlers You'd Like 2 See Come 2 Or Return 2 C4? on: June 27, 2012, 10:08:35 PM
Adam Cole
Killadelphia's Finest(Blk-Jeez and Joker)
Sami Callihan
Roderick Strong
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