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1  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Zombie wrestling show Friday October 19 on: October 18, 2018, 06:49:39 PM
There appears to be a one-time Zombie Wrestling show (by an organization called Superkicked) at the EY Center on October 19.

Is anyone familiar with this promotion? Any idea what their roster is like or the quality of shows they produce? I hadn't heard of them before, and I haven't been able to track down many details about the show.
2  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / What ever happened to... on: April 23, 2014, 08:11:33 PM
There were a couple of wrestlers that I remember from a few (now defunct) wrestling companies. I wonder if anyone could fill me on what happened to them. (I suspect they're probably retired.)

The Angry Amishman Jebediah Munson: Used to wrestle in UWA (and PCW if I remember correctly) before those organizations went out of business. Wasn't exactly very flashy, but I think his character had good comedic potential.

Max Alexander: Another UWA regular (plus one or 2 other companies in the Ottawa area, including one that ran shows out in Rockland). Used a lot more aerial tactics than the Angry Amishman did.
3  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 "A Better Tomorrow 2014" Official Results + Feedback thread on: February 11, 2014, 04:12:22 AM
I've always wanted to see videos played on those screens!  Like a pre-show countdown type deal.  Would be really neat.

We've looked into it in the past... Unfortunately, we aren't "permitted" to do so.   Anything to do with their bingo set-up, we can't touch.   So that's all there is to it unfortunately.   We'd like to, but cant'.

What about borrowing/renting an LCD projector and setting up a screen near the wrestler entrance? They're fairly portable, and it might be flexible enough.
4  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 "A Better Tomorrow 2014" Official Results + Feedback thread on: January 21, 2014, 07:18:25 PM
- I hope C4 considers finding a new place to hold their shows, as they've clearly outgrown their regular spot in Vanier. Glad I made it to the venue before they started to turn people away.

This is something I have heard from several people over this weekend.   Here is our take on the situation - we'd rather have a sold-out venue that is packed, than a half-full much larger venue, where most of the energy of our awesome crowd would be lost. 
I can understand where you're coming from.

However, as a fan, if its too packed, the wrestling experience becomes less pleasurable...
- Harder to navigate too and from your seat
- If you're seated at the back it becomes harder to see the in-ring action
- If (for whatever reason) you want to move (e.g. person sitting beside you has bad breath) you're stuck.

Plus, at the last show, there was a lot of noise... now, its good when its directed at the in-ring action, but there seemed to be a kind of underlying crowd 'buzz' that was distracting and made it hard to hear promos. (And if the people seated near me were anything to go by, seemed to be more general non-wrestling related conversation.)

Additionally, unfortunately, in Ottawa, we don't have a whole lot of choices for venues.  Especially a medium-sized one that could hypothetically hold double our current audience.
True. Plus, I'm assuming you don't want to stray too far from central areas, since not everyone has a car.

(The legion halls that Acclaim and Apex uses and/or used in the past would be an ideal size... slightly more floor space, plus a higher ceiling. However, those places are way out in Greely and Gatineau.)

Ottawa is notorious for being a major city without any medium sized venue for things such as concerts, etc;     The only real option would be an arena, which really isn't an option - since almost every single one has ice down between September and June.
School auditoriums and community centers might work, but then the city might not be willing to rent space to something seen as "lowbrow". (I do remember certain rumors surrounding UPW shows and a community center they were using.)

Thank you for your consistent support!
Hey, you put on good shows, which deserves support (even if I do sometimes grumble about certain things.)
5  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 "A Better Tomorrow 2014" Official Results + Feedback thread on: January 21, 2014, 05:19:25 AM
Hate to say it, but this might have been one of the weaker C4 shows, mostly on the fact that 3 of the matches had unclean finishes (distractions and disqualifications).

A few notes about the card:

- The front-half of the card was definitely the better part, with the stronger tag-team and 3-man matches.

- This show definitely did a lot to advance various angles (the Uno/Page fued and the Twiggy/MVP interaction. (I look forward to seeing if the Twiggy/MVP confrontation leads to a tag team match up.)

- I hope C4 considers finding a new place to hold their shows, as they've clearly outgrown their regular spot in Vanier. Glad I made it to the venue before they started to turn people away.

6  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Re: Acclaim Pro Wrestling presents: HAVOC FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Sat, Dec 7th, 2013 on: November 25, 2013, 10:49:45 PM
The start of an enjoyable card. Strangely enough, the match I'd be most interested in is the one with the Hunks and Kraven taking on Team Thriller. The Hunks have certainly manged to really do their "homeless" gimmick well.

Sadly, I won't be able to attend. (I think this will be the first Acclaim show I've missed.) But hey, I have tickets to the Sens vs. Leafs, and its kind of hard to get rid of those things.
7  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 “TRIUMPH 2013” – Official Results + Feedback thread on: November 25, 2013, 10:43:07 PM
Some notes on the event:

- Its hard to pick a 'best' match. The opening match might have the edge, based on the talents of the wrestlers involved.

- I did rather like the way that Uno and All Ego made use of the kids in the crowd (with All Ego using one of the kids as a human shield, then insulting him after... have to say, its nice to see a wrestler really play up the heel side of their gimmick.) Seeing him steal Uno's mask could make for some interesting storylines.

- The tag team championship match started slow, but really picked up by the end. Really great way to build to the end of the match. (And the double-fall away slam by Greed on Banks and Rukin was impressive.)

- Bailey certainly had a different attitude when he came out... no fan acknowledgement... just straight into beating up psycho mike. Certainly fit with the pissed-off attitude he would have had. (Bakais started to get some boos after he reversed the decision.) I do have to admit, I miss cheering for Psycho Mike (he made an entertaining face).

- I do have to wonder what they're going to do with MVP after his loss... not sure if they'll lead into another program between him and Twiggy, or whether he'll change his character.

8  C*4 Fan Community / C*4 Discussion / Re: C*4 "WORLD'S FINEST" - MOTN Poll and Feedback Thread on: November 25, 2013, 10:29:44 PM
Hope this isn't too late to comment... I haven't been on here as much as I used to...

Some very strong matches. 3.0 never give less than 100% and this night was no exception. In fact, most of the wrestlers get my respect for the job they do and the risk that they put themselves in. Which brings me to a point of concern. The person that threw the pylon into the ring during the final match, why wasn't he escorted out of the venue? Is that not crossing the line? I've been attending C4 for a few years now, and while I've had a blast at most of the shows, I'm not a huge fan of the more recent "atmosphere", where the focus is taken off the wrestlers and put on audience members trying to get over. If the wrestlers are cool with it, that's fine, but I feel awkward when the racy signs and chants come out when there are young kids in attendance.
I'm not asking for things to change, it's just not for me, so World's Finest might be my last show for a while.

Thank you for the post.

There were several instances of fans "crossing" certain lines on Saturday night, and believe us when we say we were not too happy about any of it.

Certain steps will be put in place starting Nov. 9th, including a zero tolerance for certain behaviour.  Additionally, we would like to reach out to our fans to be more vigilant - if you see something that concerns you, please bring it to our event staff and mention it to them.  Frankly, security should have ejected the fan who threw the pylon, and we are still scratching our heads to ask why that wasn't the case.
As for fans chants and signs - here is where we stand on it.    C*4 has never advertised itself as "family entertainment".   While "Fighting Back" events are aimed at all ages, regular C*4 shows have always leaned toward the side of a more mature audience.
I want to stress that I don't necessarily think you should change your policy... people who go to C4 should know what to expect. Now, I cannot speak for the previous poster, but I can rather understand where he's coming from.

I consider myself rather old-fashioned when it comes to pro-wrestling. I greatly respect the wrestlers, and I try to respond enthusiastically. I also like to "play along" for the most part, cheering the faces and booing the heels (with the occasional exception for the occasional "cool heel".) I think it shows some respect to the wrestlers, and as a fan it helps me get into the event.

The problem I have is not that the signs and chants are "obscene". (Heck, I've used many of those same words myself on occasion. And heck, if I was bothered by drawings of penises (peni?) was a problem, I'd be a first class hypocrite considering all the porn I've watched. The problem is that, for the most part, it just doesn't seem like it fits in with the story that the wrestlers are trying to tell in the ring. (Heck, even so-called "clean" chants can be annoying if they aren't relevant to what's in the ring.)

Chanting something like "holy s**t" after a suicide dive outside the ring doesn't bother me... it makes sense and fits in with the in-ring action. Chanting "shut the f**k up" at a heel during one of his promos doesn't bother me, again because it fits in with what's going on in the event. Seeing Sexxxy Eddy make various suggestive gestures does not bother me because its his persona. However, chanting "stand up 69" during a women's match when one of them got hung upside down on the ropes DID bother me, not because I'm a prude, but because it didn't fit fit in with what the wrestlers were doing in the ring.

And at some point, it just seems like instead of the chants and signs being a way to say "I support what the wrestlers are doing", it becomes a way to say "look at me! Give ME your attention! Aren't I clever? I can draw a penis on a piece of cardboard!"

Now, I do recognize that I may be in the minority. Its possible (and maybe even likely) that many of the fans and even the wrestlers themselves enjoy those type of signs and chants. And once again, I am not suggesting you change anything. Its just that some of us DO find our enjoyment lessened by that sort of thing. Fortunately, the actual in-ring action in C4 is top-notch, so its not going to prevent me from attending any of the matches.

In that same thought process - (possibly... okay, likely...) alcohol-fueled "obscene" modes of "self expression" from our fans, have been present from our very first show.    The only difference now is that the chants, signs and taunts, have become louder...
I don't really think that's the only difference. I've been attending C4 shows since your very first one. (Bring back Mantis Black!!!!) I do not recall seeing signs with drawings of a penis at any show within the first few years.
9  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Re: Acclaim Pro Wrestling presents: Pick Your Poison - OFFICIAL RESULTS! on: June 18, 2013, 12:33:49 AM
Did anyone happen to notice the young girl (maybe 6 or 8 years old) sitting in the front row, who brought food to give to Homeless Deeno and Cheeky? Probably one of the highlights of the show.
10  C*4 Fan Community / General Wrestling Discussion / Re: INTER SPECIES WRESTLING - SUMMER SLAMTASIA - 06/15/13 - OTTAWA!! on: June 18, 2013, 12:25:56 AM
Hey, I was there too!
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